Shahzad Sheikh Criticized The Character Of Heroes In Our Dramas

Shahzad Sheikh is one of the leading male actors of Pakistan.

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The handsome and talented actor as been the hero of many dramas. His drama serial Raaz e Ulfat is currently airing on Geo entertainment in  which he is staring against Yumna Zaidi and Komal Aziz Khan.

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In latest interview with something Haute, Shahzad Sheikh talked about the character of heroes in our drama sand her upcoming projects.

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Talking about heroes of our dramas he said: I don’t want to say this but sadly, but you know what a hero’s character is almost of a prop in our dramas”

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“Its a story of a girl, a boys comes in her life and the boy goes and then they show what happens next in the girls life. So dramas are mostly of girls”

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“We work for females in dramas and we rake the margin of acting which is given to us and adds something if we want but the story is of girls” said Shahzad Sheikh

Talking about her upcoming projects Shahzad Sheikh shared that he currently working with Hum tv for his new project. He excitedly shared that he is playing a guy with Downs Syndrome in drama and he has worked on his appearance as well. The drama will be aired in early 2021 on the channel.

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