Shaista Lodhi Regrets Her Decisions

Shasta Lodhi was the guest at Speak your heart with Samina Peerzada where she has admitted that “I was lost in glamour of showbiz for the years I did morning shows she said that I thought I have lost in Showbiz”.

She said that “In start I carried on with showbiz for a certain life style as I had to send my children in school and things like that but I feel I have missed my golden time and the childhood cherishing moments of my children”.

She further said that “I was lost in glitz and glam of showbiz for a while  but it didn’t hold me for long then I balanced my self . I think there was a point in my life where  I distanced my self from fame. And also there was a thought in my mind that morning show platforms were used wrongly. It could have been message-driven.”

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She said “I think every morning show host must have thought about it. We could do much better as women are basis of society and society solely stands on them and it was a good medium that utilized wrongly.”

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She emphasised on changing the heads and editorial control teams and said they should be administered by women because only then things could change as those male bosses  needs rating and she had to be abide by that rule. She said ” I could have done better by not compromising but I did.”

She said “I strove to do my sort of shows about simple life style and weddings which can be done simpler.  we did wrong and I admit it. We don’t dare to change content. I started to fear that this loud mode will be part of my life and I used to become louder and dominant. Now I am composed and calm person. I got peace that I was missing. Although it’s a financial loss but it is for sure a personal growth”.

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  • So, Shista as a host have no say in the shows she did ? Her being lost in fame and glamour, was a personal journey, the major life changing decision with 3 children, was very unexpected, was that also due to being lost in glamour of show bizz!

  • Money earned through dramas, shows is haraam in our religion. You Have made alot of properties with this money,anyways who thinks about this in our country? All the artists are busy making money through this medium, actually it’s easy money, they will too face the repercussions, in fact whoever is doing this will face it.

    • Bibi har cheez ko haram halal ky tarazoo main tolny Sy pehly ye dekh lo k apky apny gar kitna halal a rha hy. Or halal asal main kehty kisy hain. Jo TV par dikhty hain wo baychara muft ky badnam hain. Aisa kia karty hain ye log Jo munfrid hy. Jaisy aam log rozi roti kamaty hain ye log be aisy he kamaty hain. Isliy plz in logo ko discriminate karny ki bjay apny greeban main ja k kar apni drustagi kro. Allah ziyada kush ho ga…

    • And how you can say its easy money. The most toughest money is in media industry. Bcz of the competition. Apny limited Sy knowledge Sy kuch be keh dia…

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