Shaista Lodhi On A Mission To Restore Parks In Karachi

Shaista Lodhi becomes the savior of destroyed parks.

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Dr. Shaista Lodhi is a famous Pakistani host and actress. She takes the responsibility to restore parks in Karachi. The District Central Chairman and Shaista are going to work together to restore Rani park which is located at North Nazimabad.

It all started with a single tweet where she talked about how she was disturbed to see the condition of Rani park where she spent her childhood.

In her second tweet, she offered the authorities that she will be there for any kind of help.

In another tweet, she announced that she is going to restore the Rani Park in North Nazimabad.

She kept her promise and today she was spotted at Rani park to restore it. Here are some of her photos from today.

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We definitely need more heroes like Dr. Shaista Lodhi.

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  • All Pakistan state Govt. Officials…. Ashamed of urselves… this is the time we all should take and understand as now this is included in our duty now just like Dr. Shaista Lodhi has taken responsibility of Restoring Parks in Karachi….. Well done keep up this spirit Dr. Shaista….

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