Shaneira Akram Asks Authorities to Close Clifton Beach till It’s Cleaned

Shaneira Akram has been super active since a month about the hazardous condition of hygiene in Karachi.

She first ran a campaign against plastic bags because it blocked all the gutters and there were heaps of polythene bags that left in the city.

Now she has been awakening the authorities about the medical waste that has been contaminating the sea it is bio hazardous she has been urging the authorities to close the beach for people as it is dangerous for them to interact with medical waste.

She has been tweeting for long to wake the authorities up and after her tweets people have reported that the authorities have started cleaning the waste. She has urged people to support her as she is not going to keep quiet about this issue as she has been quiet for so long on this which is worsening conditions.

Here are her tweets and people’s response

Screenshot 20190903 193157

Screenshot 20190903 185449

Screenshot 20190903 193043

Screenshot 20190903 185407

Screenshot 20190903 193125

Screenshot 20190903 193056

Screenshot 20190903 185550

IMG 20190903 185354

Screenshot 20190903 185622


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