Sheharyar Munawar Expresses his Love for an Actress!

Sheheryar Munawar is a very busy man these days. He has been travelling a lot to promote his upcoming film ‘Project Ghazi’ and also been giving interviews to different press personals for the promotion of the same. Project Ghazi will be Pakistan’s first ever super-hero movie and after the intriguing trailer that was released sometime back, we can’t wait for the day the movie releases!


In the past, the handsome Sheheryar has worked with numerous actresses; Mahira, Sanam Saeed, Alisha Yousuf, and Syra Shehroz.However, in a recent interview he expressed his love for another actress; one who is not on the list.

Any guesses who this lucky actress is?


It’s none other than Meera Jee!

He said, “My love goes out to Meera Jee. I think she is amazing.” 

The actor further expressed his adoration for the veteran actress by claiming that she big asset to Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

He also expressed his desire to work with the lady in a rather humour and humble way, “I want to work with her, even if she does not want to work with me.”

Aww. Isn’t he just sweet?  Watch Sheheryar declare his love for Meera here:

Arsala Khalid