Shehzad Roy’s Reality Check For People Negating Coronavirus Threats Is Hilarious

Coronavirus is becoming a real threat in Pakistan. Cases are on the rise and two deaths have been reported because of the virus. While a number of people have locked themselves inside their houses, there is a good majority of people out there who don’t want to take coronavirus seriously.

And for such people, Shehzad Roy has a message!

shehzad roy 2

The singer, recently took to his social media to not only give people a reality check but also hilariously jab at people who don’t really want to take any precautions in these difficult times.

Although funny, what Roy has pointed out is indeed the dilemma of our society. People need to wake up and get themselves sorted out before this pandemic becomes a major threat in Pakistan.

shehzad roy

Because even though Allah Malik Hai, but even Allah helps those who help themselves!

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