Shocking History You Don’t Know About Marvi Sirmed

The upcoming Aurat March, which is scheduled to be held on March 8, 2020 has sparked a debate all across Pakistan. It is being discussed on every platform where some are in support of it and others are opposing the idea. The name that has come to the forefront and left everyone behind is of social activist, analyst and journalist Marvi Sirmed. Marvi has been making appearances on different TV channels over the years but it is after recent turn of events that everyone has gotten familiar with her name on a larger scale. Marvi Sirmed is a social activist and has been working for the sake of women’s rights for years.

Here are some of the facts about her:

Marvi Sirmed Comes From A Bureaucracy Background

Marvi Sirmed was born on June 11, 1970. Her father Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq was a bureaucrat. He retired as a Directorate General of Public Relations Punjab in 2003. Her grandfather Chaudhry Abdul Rehman was a farmer from Bahawalpur and joined hands with the Nawab of Bhawalpur for the agricultural growth of their hometown. She has two brothers and both of them are known to be active supporters of current Government and political party run by Imran Khan – Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Marvi Sirmed Was A Pre-Medical Student

Before venturing into journalism, Marvi Sirmed was a student of Pre-Medical. It was around the early 90’s when she veered towards journalism and started writing for different national newspapers such as Daily News, Daily Jung and Khabrein.

She Also Has An Experience of Teaching

While completing her higher education, Marvi has taught subjects like English and Chemistry. After she obtained her Masters degree in Science and Education from the University of Punjab, she continued with her teaching and taught schools like Pamir Knot Higher Secondary School and Crescent Model High School, Lahore.

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Her Body of Work

It was in the late 90’s when Marvi Sirmed started getting involved in NGO’s and different organizations. At first she started as a social activist but later joined hands with different NGOs which worked towards the rights of women. Marvi Sirmed is popularly known for taking a stand against Hudood Ordinances 1979, amendments in the Blasphemy Laws. She advocates against all the rural norms and traditions that are against women. She also actively speaks in the favor of ethnic minorities and raises her voice for their rights.

Marvi Sirmed and Hafiz Hamdullah

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Senator Hafiz Hamdullah and Marvi Sirmed got into ugly argument and fought on a Live Show in 2016. It was because Hafiz Hamdullah kept on interrupting her and that is when things escalated. Both Marvi and Hafiz Hamdullah exchanged derogatory terms and that is when Hafiz Hamdullah almost lost control and tried to hit her. Fortunately, he was stopped by one of the members of the panel and was taken away by security. Marvi Sirmed filed an FIR report against Hafiz Hamdullah for threatening her because according to her, all the things that he said were nothing short of a rape threat.

Marvi Sirmed also tried to shift the Government’s focus on Hafiz Hamdullah’s origin and nationality when she was not on good terms with him. In 2019, she went on to support him while criticizing the present government for taking away his Pakistani citizenship. She tried to make it look like his problematic views against women were not an issue for the Pakistani Government but the fact that he was an Afghan descent. People called out Marvi for her dual standards and changing stance on Hafiz Hamdullah.

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Marvi Sirmed’s “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”

This has become a slogan which not only represents but sums up Aurat March for all those who are coming out in favor of it. Marvi Sirmed who recognizes herself as an feminist has come out in support of this slogan and is speaking against all those who do not understand the crux of this statement. According to her, it simply means ‘my body, my choice’. This slogan has not sat well with people and has become the bone of contention between those who are pro and anti Aurat March.

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Marvi Sirmed and Khalil ur Rehman Qamar

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

The latest fiasco that has put Marvi Sirmed’s name everywhere on the media is her heated debate and argument with the writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. They were invited on Neo News’s Live Talk Show to discuss Aurat March where they had to give their reasoning behind supporting and opposing Aurat March and the slogan of Mera Jism Meri Marzi. The moment Khalil ur Rehman Qamar started voicing his opinion, Marvi Sirmed chanted her slogan and that is when the argument turned ugly. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar ended up abusing and body shaming Marvi Sirmed. Ever since, people have been divided on this matter. Where the general consensus still remains against the abusive language used by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, people are also supporting him and calling Marvi Sirmed out for her statements against men.

Marvi Sirmed’s Twitter History & Reputation

She is known for being outspoken and unapologetic. This is the kind of reputation Marvi has but after all the feminists have come in her support to stand against the abuses hurled by Khalil ur Rehman, there’s also a large number of twitter users who are calling her for being abusive and demeaning against those who have tried to have a conversation with her over general affairs. Marvi Sirmed’s previous tweets are resurfacing which highlight her abusive language.

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Marvi Sirmed and Mahira Khan

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Mahira Khan was probably one of the first few celebrities who spoke against what she witnessed on Neo News Live Talk Show. She spoke against Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s behavior and his stance against women in general. Later when Marvi Sirmed’s questionable tweets were brought in Mahira Khan’s attention by Raja Faisal, another journalist who was abused by Marvi Sirmed, Mahira clearly mentioned that she did not condone this behavior and was not going to stand by the kind of language that she was using.

Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed Shocking History You Don't Know About Marvi Sirmed

Her Final Stance

After the fiasco of Sirmed Qamar feud, she appeared on the TV to put her stance forward in which she only expects him to accept his mistakes. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar asked for an apology from Marvi but she believes her mere shut up call was nothing as compared to the things he has said. She believes Qamar has collectively insulted all women and has reduced their level to mere physical appearance and attributes.


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  • she is not a woman, devil on earth
    ek gandi machli saare talaab ko ganda karti hai
    bacho ko to aap pyaar se ya daant ker ya somtimes maar kr samjha sakte hain pr in jaiso ko kaise samjhaya jaye?
    i think khalil sahab was right burai ko phelne se rokne wala koi to hona chaiye or jo jaisa hota hai usko wese hi treat kiya jata hai.
    warna hum to wo qoum hain mostly jo apni aurto ko sabse ziyada Izzat dete hain
    baqi bure log har jgha hote hain

    • More to the point, one woman asking for what rights will show other women what a misogynistic society Pakistan has. Men don’t want that as they lose power over women. Wake up Pakistan, stop treating your women as a second class citizen.

      • After reading your piece thoroughly, it would be fair to say that both Marvi and Khalil appear to have serious issues related to their mental health and self-image. Narcissistic and provocative approaches with or without any agenda must not be supported by sound-minded folks. The cause and effect theory does not apply in their case since there is no justification for displaying such behavior in the civilized world.

    • Absolutely right, she is a real street bitch.. all dogs come and spit on whole day and night. Past may ye ghatya aurat army ko bhi bhat kuch bool chuki hai… jahil galeeez aurat….BAD TAMEEZ KUTTI

  • She is a specimen of ugliness n dirt, I don’t know why media brings her again n again on shows despite knowing her filth, marely for rating other wise she is not worth to be brought on any show, specially live shows. See her past shows, even Hamdullah’s case, the media has shown a wrong face of the event, as matter of fact Hamdullah got up n was leavi g the show but supporters of this filthy woman reflected as he was about to slap her, as a matter of fact such angly woman deserve kick on ass not the slaps

  • She is a indian agent ,who should be charged treason against islam and pakistan !

    I wish some puts a bullet in her head finish this agent for once

  • She wants western culture in Pakistan. If that so, she should leave Pakistan because this is the homeland for Muslims not for liberals.
    #Behawai boycott…
    #khaleel ul rehman zindabad.

  • As a Muslim v have to respect our Religion and follow the direction as given in the Quran Hadees n Sunnat. V cant follow the culture of West even though until early 1900 women in west use to wear Scarf n cover their face. In the name of Women Rights no 1 can challenge the Islamic Sharia Laws its binding on all Muslim. V as a muslim cant destroy our society culture n future of our Generation. If some where something is going wrong that can b challenge in the Honorable Court but such slogan Meyra Jism Meyree Marzi not acceptable by any mean. May Almighty Allah show us the right path n make us a good Muslum n Human. Ameen

  • Hi! I ain’t a fan of typing lengthy essay here. But with the look of how the commentators are bashing. I myself am not a big fan of Mrs. Sirmed. But calling her with abusive names is so wrong. I have noticed the comments are filled with foul language about her. For what? For she is asking the Govt. or sane people like us to eradicate Child brides, young girl labour, rape (predominantly).

    The reason I ain’t a fan of her (without disrespecting her, it’s my opinion) since the term used “Mera Jism, Meri Marzi” has stirred us into a maelstrom of whether she meant the term MAY be used as a pro-liberal (choice of dresses, unacceptable to me) and as well as Islamic rights point of view. I’d see to see this reform in an Islamic context where Women Rights are to be protected (as there are a gazillion of Women Rights already). I’d guarantee that 70-75% of men like us don’t know the women rights FULLY especially the 100% of the 2-fist length bearded people contingent.

    Allah SWT kay waastay. Forget what the title says. But try to understand why rapes, child marriages, not allowing the girls to educate in the Higher societies (alone) arent stopping. Kiya keeya humhari law makers neh in this context. Answer: Nothing

    By rape, I also mean consensual rape (phir laog kehtay Hain kay us neh upni shalwaar khud seh dikai, aray Bhai us larki neh tou ghalath Kiya Tum tou so-called Macho man ho why didn’t you call the sex thing off) and also rape in marriage (jo Kay mullahs don’t even consider it as a sin).
    Anyway, I felt bad why Mr. KRQ and Mrs. Marvi Sirmed exchanged with bad, foul languages. Especially, Mr. Khalil ur Rahman, Kiya Islam ijaazath dehtaa Hain to say anything bad even if that person is bad. And by the way, the commentators here who are supporting Mr. Khalil ur Rahman here, does he have the right to say such things on the TV talking about jism aur shakal aur other personal things (body appeal) and anything essentially negative.
    And same for Mrs. Marvi Sirmed, she shouldn’t have interrupted in the middle. But at the end of the day I blame Khalil ur Rahman for taking matters to his prestige (Anaa). He could have waited and witnessed that Mrs. Marvi ki gandi ho jaigi as she interrupted without Talkshow etiquettes.

    Khair, long story short. Please Ghaur Karo agar woh larki (victim) kissi ki bhe behen, maa, cousin, beyti ho sakhthi Hain.

    Allah ka Shukr humari women secured Hain. InshaAllah Allah hafizath meh rakhay hum sab ko.
    And view as to materialize what Islam says about women.

    • Wow. Hats off to Marvi. kia speach likhwai apney liey.

      As a Muslim woman I consider that donon extremes unacceptable hein. Agar Khalil ne abusive language use ki to Marvi ne uksaya. However I agree Khalil proved himself a stupid as he should have waited, wo apni asliat khud dikhati. But at the same time, it was clearly the rating game. programm k director ko baqi speakers ka mic band rakhna chahiey jab aik bandey ki turn he. Ab agar nahin hua to jesey hi Marvi ne interrupt kia to fori us ka mic band kia jana chahiey tha. Then jab Khalil lost his temper to us ka mic band hona chahiey tha. And who can deny that ye sari ghilazat sari dunya mein nashr honey se pehley foran cut karna chahiey tha. kia channel aur director so raha tha ya bebus tha?? sab planted game he. ye channel waley dono k temprament se waqif they, aur in dono ko soch samajh kar ikathey aik programme mein bulaya gaya.

      Mein bap bhai shohar betey k khilaf nafrat jaganey wali Marvi se poochti hoon k us ka nam Marvi “Sarmad” kion he? kion aurton ko “happily divorced” ban k “mera jism meri marzi” aur ghaleez pose mein bethney ka dars deney wali Marvi aik mard ka nam apney nam k sath lagati he? I am sure No one would have an answer.

      Being a woman, I am ashamed that Marvi is a woman; pity on us if we are still confused about her.

  • i would guess that Madame Sarmad is too much into booze and smoke and it is sometime very easy to lose your head and shoot from your hips and justify rubbish as we say in Urdu: Bak raha hoon junoon main kya kya. Good for her. She is living in the wrong country.

  • As an indian lady i came to know abt her only after this t.v debate..the comments are shocking just because she irritated someone doesnt gives him the right to use such abusive language .. why is it so that women who talk abt their rights are branded as immoral n of loose character .. its the women comments which are more shocking .Asking for our rights doesnt means we are following the west .

  • appreciate the attitude of Khalil-ur-Rahman Qamar, salute him for the great cause being a True Muslim and Pakistani.

  • >