Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

There is no denying the fact that drama serial Nand is all the rage these days. Despite having a typical storyline, it has all the tactics that have grabbed the attention of the viewers. This is the reason, Nand happens to be one of the widely and popularly discussed dramas these days. The story of Nand, as the title suggests is about the character who becomes a sister in law and can not see her brothers happy. This drama has its fair share of conspiracies, plottings, scheming, and has everything to do with family politics but still, it has imparted quite a few lessons to those who are watching. At times, stories like these end up creating more awareness because they show everything on an extreme level where everything is either black or white, this way it creates quite an impact and leaves quite an impression.

Drama serial Nand has quite a few characters and the writer Sameena Ejaz has made sure to give each one of them a unique personality. Although the Nand in this drama runs the show, the supporting characters have a strong screen presence and contribute a great deal in the progress of the story as well. Drama serial Nand has quite a few twists and turns, and they come along because either the characters behave unexpectedly or the viewers don’t see them coming.

Here is the list of strong and weak characters from the drama serial Nand:

Strong Characters

Gohar (Faiza Hassan)

As surprising as this may sound, but Gohar indeed is the strongest character of the drama. Although she is a negative character, after a while, the viewers are getting to see such a negative character that is leaving quite an impact and running the show here. The show has been designed for her and she happens to be the central character, because of which she gets to control every situation and easily manipulates people around her. Gohar has a strong personality and Faiza Hassan has done complete justice to this character. The way she has carried herself in this drama as Gohar is what has made it quite convincing.

Apart from her phenomenal performance, it is always interesting to see what Gohar is planning and what she is intending to do. She is an antagonist who has actually made the entire dynamic of the story quite dramatic and worthwhile. The writer went all out in showing the negative traits people like Gohar can possess, who are envious and can not see others happy, even if it means sacrificing the peace and happiness of those they seemingly call their own.

Gohar is seen scheming against her own brother’s wife and the moment she sees that the couple is expecting their first baby, she doesn’t mind devising a plan which results in the miscarriage. Gohar shows no remorse over the fact that it was also her brother in the picture who lost the baby. Gohar knows what she wants and this is the reason, she keeps on finding and mending ways in order to achieve the goals that she sets for herself, which makes her a negative but strong character in this entire drama.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Farwa (Maha Hassan)

Farwa is at the other side of the spectrum in Gohar’s comparison and she too happens to be one of the best and strongest characters of the drama. Farwa shows what it is like to have values and ethics. Farwa has been raised with such values where she doesn’t settle for anything that is not in line with her moral compass. Farwa is the kind of person who believes in doing right and standing by the right. This is the reason she did not accept the mistreatment that Gohar subjected her to because firstly, she had the courage and confidence to stand up for herself, and secondly, right from the beginning she knew that Gohar won’t be able to harm her unless she allows it.

The braveness and fierceness with which Farwa faced Gohar and outbid her in all of her evil schemes that she continues to plan against Farwa made the viewers fall in love with her character. In the recent episode, Farwa showed that she will always stand by the right and also wouldn’t allow her husband to support what is evidently wrong. Farwa is not afraid of speaking up her mind and this is the reason, she is now at a place where her biggest enemy Gohar knows that she can not do anything to Farwa. Maha Hassan has played this character beautifully and her minute expressions make it quite interesting to see what Farwa is feeling and thinking.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Hassan (Ayaz Samoo)

It won’t be wrong to say that Pakistani drama viewers want more husbands like Hassan. Hassan has shown what an ideal husband is like. Although at times he does get influenced by his sister because he is emotionally attached to his siblings, the personality trait that makes him ideal is the fact that he never loses his own ability of judgment and doesn’t let anything cloud it. Hassan proved to be a man of his word because he didn’t change after marriage and continued to support his wife emotionally and mentally when she needed it the most. Another aspect that makes Hassan’s character ideal is the fact that he believes in open communication, this is why he shared everything with Farwa and told her about the dynamics of his family because he knew that Gohar was prone to creating troubles and misunderstandings.

After his marriage to Farwa, he stood by her side and let his entire family know that they were not allowed to mistreat Farwa. Although Farwa fought her battles herself it was always nice to see her having Hassan’s back. Their relationship is also built on trust and through it, the writer has reinforced the importance of trust between a husband and wife. When Gohar played cheap tactics against Farwa and made it look like she was having an affair with her university fellow Shahzaib behind Hassan’s back, Hassan did not even think about its possibility for a second because he knew that Farwa was not cheating on him and that Shahzaib was just her friend and nothing else. It also goes to show that it is perfectly alright for a girl to stay in touch with her friends even after the marriage because she had a life of her own before it too.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Farwa’s Father (Zia Gurchani)

Farwa’s father happens to be another strong character in the drama serial Nand. It is because he is an emotionally and mentally invested father who lets his child know every step of the way that she has his back and that she is not alone. The way Farwa’s character has evolved goes to show the kind of upbringing she had and it is directly linked to the values that her father must have instilled in her. Farwa’s father is far-sighted and wise, this is why in just a couple of interactions with Gohar, he understood that she was problematic and had another side to her which she was concealing.

Farwa’s father has stayed in touch with her and has repeatedly shown his concerns, not only to her but also to Hassan. It shows that he is also not afraid to speak his mind and wants to make sure that his daughter stays safe, feels secure, and is happy. It is a rarity to see such supportive fathers in Pakistani dramas and luckily, he happens to be one of them. Zia Gurchani’s expressions, especially every time he had a conversation with Gohar were a treat for the viewers to watch because he made it quite obvious that he was not buying all of the things that Gohar was nicely lying about.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Aleem (Tipu Sharif)

Although the character of Aleem was short-lived, he definitely left an impact. He was soft-spoken and kind-hearted, also probably one of those who are quite courteous that they don’t mind staying quiet even when they can see the wrongdoings of others but what made his character strong was the continuous support that he extended towards his younger sister Rabi. Aleem did everything he could to make sure that Rabi stays married and this is why he continued to guide her. Aleem was always there for her and never once made her feel like she should put up with everything that Gohar was subjecting her to. Aleem even decided to apologize hoping that it would make things better, but it was his kindness that made him think that Rabi’s in-laws would reciprocate it and now things will be normal.

After Rabi’s divorce, her brother helped her come out of that depressive phase with his continuous love and support because he understood that this is what she needed the most. Aleem also knew that his sister did everything to make this marriage work, this is why when it ended, he never made her feel like what she did wasn’t enough. Aleem told her that he was going to be there for her and it helped Rabi a great deal in moving on in her life. Tipu Sharif’s performance as Aleem was convincing, his courteous and gentle dialogue delivery made it very obvious that as a brother he felt burdened and wanted nothing but the best for his sister because he had raised her with a lot of love and care.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Weak Characters

Saqib (Shehroz Sabzwari)

The viewers of Nand have probably resented Saqib’s character more than anyone in this drama. Gohar is the most disliked character but then, she is who she is, therefore all that she does is expected of her. However, no one expected Saqib to turn out to be such a bad husband who would fail to protect his wife, whom he knew couldn’t do anything wrong. Saqib was a nightmare of a husband who did not allow his wife or even himself to nurture their newly build a relationship. Saqib ended up giving too much edge to his sister and because he was so used to being emotionally abused by his sister, he expected his wife to endure the same without even complaining.

Rabi did not complain and at times, when she wanted to, Saqib made her feel like the worst person alive because she doubted his saint-like sister. Saqib could see at times that his sister was being unreasonable but she chose to side with her. Saqib crossed all the limits of being a bad husband and weak character when he divorced Rabi after he was being pressurized by Gohar. Although he regretted his decision later his regret held no meaning the moment he started doubting the fact that Rabi and Jahangir actually had something going on, only because Saqib spotted Jahangir and his mother at Rabi’s place. Saqib also held Rabi responsible for not speaking up and taking a stand, because after seeing Farwa he actually fancied the idea of what a strong woman is like. Saqib himself should’ve felt ashamed that he never gave his wife her due rights to speak up against the slander insinuated by Gohar, rather he still hoped that Rabi had done something just like Farwa does.

In one of the recent episodes, Saqib failed to retrieve Rabi’s gold bangles from his sister – yet again proving what a weak character he is. In drama serial Nand, Shehroz Sabzwari has actually acted really well, especially in those scenes where Saqib is seen regretting his decision of divorcing Rabi. Shehroz Sabzwari has also done justice to the emotional transitioning of Saqib’s character because ever since his divorce, the dejection in his body language and despair in his overall personality evidently shows that Saqib is not happy without Rabi. Another prove of him being a weak character was when he literally dragged Rabi from Jahangir’s place and brought her in front of Gohar so that she could assault and harm her. *smh*

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Gohar’s Mother (Sumbul Shahid)

In Urdu, if the only word that can perfectly describe her character would be ‘lattu’, because she continues to spin and has no sense of direction whatsoever. Gohar’s mother is a weak character, but on top of that, she is a clueless character too who has absolutely no idea what a monster her daughter is. At times she does understand what Gohar is doing is wrong, but only because she hypocritically wants to maintain good relations with her daughter as well as her sons, she continues to just turn a blind eye to all of their wrongdoings and shortcomings. Gohar’s mother has time and again shown that she also suffers from short-term memory loss because she immediately forgets what she had just said and backtracks within a split second.

She is a weak character who fails to take charge of the situation and because of her indecisive nature and laidback attitude, her daughter as well her elder son are suffering. The youngest Hassan has been saved and rescued because he is now married to a strong and level-headed girl like Farwa who has a sense of direction and right and wrong, which the Lattu aunty lacks.

There have been innumerous occasions where she has displayed her weakness, the first one that stands out the most is when she herself praised Rabi in front of Jahangir, telling him to ask her how she is being treated in this house. The moment Jahangir also praised Rabi for her patience, Lattu aunty immediately used it against him and started questioning him about how could he shamelessly say nice things about Rabi. Sumbul Shahid has played her part well and the cluelessness of this character actually makes her look absolutely cute. It is nothing short of a treat and an experience of its own to witness her cluelessness and we are not complaining, hain, haan!

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Rabi (Minal Khan)

Rabi is one of the reasonable characters of the drama but she can be easily termed as a weak character because she chose not to have a voice when it was needed the most. Although through her character, the writer has tried to reinforce the fact that a wife’s confidence and self-esteem thrives on the support of her husband, but on her own, a woman can be so much more. It was in the earliest stages of her marriage when Rabi realized that Gohar was a problematic person in the entire family, and still she chose not to do much about it. Rabi chose to be an escapist where she maintained a distance from Gohar and chose to stay silent when things got out of hand. However, none of that worked in her favor.

It goes to show that being weak and vulnerable all the time does you no good and people end up walking all over you. Rabi definitely is a reasonable character but it broke the heart of the viewers to see her easily becoming a victim of emotional, mental as well as physical abuse and still expecting that things will change for the better and will turn in her favor, which did not happen. Minal Khan has played the character of Rabi beautifully and has been able to show her range as an actor because seeing her in Jalan and Nand are two completely different experiences.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Jahangir’s Mother (Sabiha Hashmi)

Jahangir’s mother is yet another reasonable character in this drama. It is nice to see her being an ideal mother who is so emotionally invested in her son that she feels and senses his struggles even when he tries his best to keep them as a secret from her. However, in the recent episode and the preview of the upcoming episodes, it seems she is going to fall prey to Gohar’s fake antics and she will be the only one who will stop Jahangir from divorcing and getting rid of Gohar’s negativity from his life.

It is good to have faith in people but to blindly believe in miracles is absolutely wrong, especially in this case when she has seen Gohar’s worst behavior over the years. It is nice to give people second, third, and even multiple chances but to literally forget what the other person is capable of is weakness and nothing else. For a woman, her age who has so much of experience, for her to fall for Gohar’s lies shows that she is going to be a weak character from now on. She will now force Jahangir to stay married to Gohar only for the sake of Omar, which is not going to be a pleasant experience for Jahangir because this way, his mother will be putting him through more emotional and mental abuse and torture, which is wrong.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

Drama serial Nand has two more reasonable characters; Jahangir and Muneeza but they do not fall in either category. The character of Muneeza is really good because, through her, the writer broke the stereotype and showed that bhabhi’s can be friendly and like elder sisters too. Jahangir is another reasonable and good character who was going through a financial crisis and did not have much power or control over things. With his financial condition and circumstances changing, the viewers do hope to see him taking things in his hands and putting an end to Gohar’s negativity.

Strong & Weak Characters From Drama Serial Nand

This completes the list of weak and strong characters from drama serial Nand. Are you following this drama, which character irks you the most, and which character is your favorite? Please feel free to share your opinion about this drama and characters.




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  • Very well written article. Nand was a guilty pleasure at first but now I’m invested in these characters even though they’re mostly black and white. Sometimes even the most typical of stories can teach us valuable lessons about life and people we may encounter.
    I think Jahangir will turn out be a strong person (like he’s always telling Rabi to be, lol) and won’t fall for Gohar’s lies. That would be the main difference between him and Saqib.
    Some people still think Rabi and Saqib should end up together…REALLY hoping the writer doesn’t go in that direction. No girl deserves to be married to a man as spineless as Saqib who doesn’t realize his own mistakes even after so much has happened. Even now he thinks she betrayed him and if she had been ‘as steong as Farwa’ none of this would have happened. What he doesn’t realize is how supportive Hasan is.

    Thank you for writing this article!

    • and the worst part is he raises his hand on women. every man doing that is in direct teaching of our beloved Prophet and this man has done it on several occasions. The sick writer of the story and this sick character are super losers. No real man would take pride in raising his hands to his own relations

      • You’re absolutely right about Saqib. He’s a coward who not only was cruel to Rabi the entire time but also still thinks that he was the victim in the entire situation. However, I think the writer has done a good job in showing this character, because although it’s a horrible truth to accept, these kind of spineless men exist in our society. I’m glad they’re showing these red flags and injustices done by these people because it happens a lot in real life unfortunately. I hope he gets an end as bad as Gohar; they both deserve the worst.

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