Stylish Dresses of Kinza Hashmi From Uraan

Kinza Hashmi stepped into showbiz purely by chance but once she started performing, she realized how content her work made her feel. Kinza Hashmi is known for her hard work in the industry and people love her for beautiful looks as well as her talent. Currently, Kinza Hashmi has everyone’s undivided attention because of her brilliant performance in drama serial Uraan. Kinza is playing a grey character in the drama. Even though she can easily be termed as one of the many greedy heroines we have seen on our television screens over the year but her character has a grey area as well. Most of the viewers however dislike the character because she has broken many hearts. The drama is at that point right now that it can take a tragic and extreme turn at any given moment.

Since Kinza Hashmi’s character in the drama is highly materialistic therefore she has given a lot of attention to the way she dresses up in the drama. She has chosen some really stylish outfits to wear in Uraan. Many times she has complemented these outfits with matching accessories. She has also experimented with different colors and her make-up has been on point throughout. Kinza looks beautiful in all these outfits because of the way she has been groomed in the drama.

Here are some of the most stylish dresses worn by Kinza Hashmi in drama serial Uraan.

Casual & Trendy

Kinza Hashmi sported some casual and trendy looks especially in the scenes which were shot before her character Maleka gets married. She made sure that these outfits were colorful and each one of them was designed stylishly. None of the outfits worn by her were plain. All these outfits have detailing on the sleeves and the necklines. The prints are also fun and quirky. There were some casual outfits that were rather simple but they looked good because of the color combination and prints.

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Bridal Looks

Kinza Hashmi’s characters get married in the drama and all her looks on the occasion were stunning. On her mehndi, Maleka wore a heavily embellished dress with a stunning color combination. At her wedding, Maleka was shown sporting a traditional bridal look and the valima dress was just as pretty as the other two. Kinza Hashmi looked gorgeous in all these looks because she carried them off so well. The make-up artist and the stylist also should be given credit for making sure that Kinza’s make-up and styling were perfect throughout.

Uraan18 Uraan19 Uraan20 Uraan23 uraan24 Uraan27 uraan36 uraan37

Semi-Formal Dresses

The semi-formal look is difficult to pull off because you have to maintain a balance between casual and formal. Like all the other looks and dresses sported by Kinza Hashmi in the drama, the semi-formal dresses were also stunning. She made sure that she did not repeat an outfit or even a color twice. These dresses show that she must have put in a lot of time and creativity into choosing her looks for the drama. Some of these dresses have the most beautiful color palette; others look lovely even when a single color is at play. These dresses prove that sometimes a perfect outfit can be a product of a solid color and good designing.

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Formal Dresses

Kinza Hashmi also wore some beautiful formal dresses in the drama especially after Maleka gets married. The color palette she chose made these dresses look even more beautiful. There were some dresses which were somewhat modern but most of them were traditional. These designs can easily be copied by someone if they want a similar look.

Uraan 1 Uraan1 uraan28 uraan29 Uraan30 uraan45 uraan46 uraan48 uraan49

uraan61 uraan62 uraan63 uraan64uraan40

Which one of these looks sported by Kinza Hashmi did you like the most? Don’t you think that these dresses can be copied easily by anyone who likes them and wants to wear something similar? Kinza Hashmi looks stunning in all of them and we are waiting to see what she wears in the upcoming episodes.


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