Syed Jibran with Wife Afifa from Sets of Their Upcoming Drama

Syed Jibran with Wife Afifa from Sets of Their Upcoming Drama

Syed Jibran is one of the most established actors of Pakistan Media industry. Not many people are aware of the fact Syed Jibran is actually a doctor academically but he didn’t practice this profession and joined showbiz. Syed Jibran has worked in a number id dramas and has played all kinds of character. He was also starred in mega hit drama Randha Ranjha Kardhi against Iqra Aziz. Syed Jibran is married and is a farther of three children. Syed Jibran is married to Afifa Jibran these too are been happily married for a long time and are quite social Afifa and Jibran are often seen at parties and gatherings. Afifa Jibran is also quite active on social media and keep on updating her Instagram account with her latest pictures. Afifa Jibran took Instagram to share pictures from the set of drama with Syed Jibran and captioned it “something cooking”. It seems like Afifa Jibran is working with Syed Jibran in his next play. Looks like real life couple is turning into a reel life couple. Here we have pictures of Syed Jibran with wife Afifa Jibran from set of their upcoming drama:

Afifa Jibran 1

Afifa Jibran 2

Afifa Jibran 3

Afifa Jibran 4

Afifa Jibran 5

Afifa Jibran 6

Afifa Jibran 7

Afifa Jibran 8

Afifa Jibran 9

Afifa Jibran 10

Afifa Jibran 11

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