Syed Jibran’s Latest Pictures With His Wife and Kids

Syed Jibran is a well-known actor who also recently awarded the “Best Style Icon of The Year” award too. Syed Jibran has also made a lot of appearances in Morning Shows with his wife. His wife is British who knows very little Urdu and loves all the pampering she gets from her husband. Afifa Jibran is extremely cute so she got a lot of love from the viewers when she came on the Morning Shows. The love Syed Jibran feels for his wife was also apparent from the way he looked at her. When they came to the morning show, Noor remarked that she was surprised that someone could love their wife so much even after so many years of being married. She also said that Syed Jibran was a role model for other husbands.

Afifa also shared that her celebrity husband pampers her a lot which is something she loves. Afifa Jibran has a very pleasant personality, she also mingles with Syed Jibran’s celebrity friends. She is seen on their birthdays and wedding. Afifa is always by her husband’s side and even styles him! This is why when Syed Jibran go the “Best Style Icon of The Year” award, he gave the credit for this to his wife. for the The happy couple keeps on sharing beautiful pictures with their children.

Here are some beautiful pictures of this adorable family.

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