Tabish Hashmi’s Tips On How To Get Viral

Social media is THE PHENOMENON which can make your career within minutes in today’s age. We have seen many people become millionaires just because a video or a picture of them got viral. In Pakistan we can see people in showbiz becoming hits, a star like Hania Aamir was discovered through Dubsmash. Nowadays we are getting so many new faces in our dramas and films as well which are discovered through something that went viral. Amna Youzasaif is also a recent example who we saw in Fairy Tale and Romaisa Khan was seen in Chand Tara.

Tabish Hashmi's Tips On How To Get Viral

Many people thus want to go viral to make a career easily. Tabish Hashmi’s Hasna Mana Hai had Romaisa Khan as a guest. She is also a social media personality who is getting bigger opportunities now after becoming a viral sensation. Tabish himself became a phenomenon through social media and now he hosts one of the biggest shows in Pakistan.

Tabish Hashmi's Tips On How To Get Viral

Tabish was asked for tips to go viral and he shared that there is no specific criteria to go viral but dedication is the key. He said that a person would go viral if he keeps making content. That makes people look forward to more videos coming from you and once in a while something gets viral. He also said that the content should be unique and not stupid.

Tabish Hashmi's Tips On How To Get Viral

Here is what he said:


Pakeeza Dar