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Bilal Abbas’ Cool Replies To Mean Comments

Bilal Abbas Khan is not a one hit wonder, nor is he someone who got fame overnight. He worked hard for four years to get where he is today and there was a time when he used to post his

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Saba Qamar And Bilal Abbas Khan Pair Up For Cheekh

A few months back actress Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas Khan had a very friendly exchange on Instagram. The superstar Saba Qamar said that she loved Bilal Abbas’s acting in O Rangreza and will love to work with him sometime.

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Pakistani Stars Who Are Children of High Profile Government Official

There was a time when showbiz was thought to be a place for aliens but with the time people from all areas of life let not only their sons but daughters to work in the industry as well. There are

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Saba Qamar Wants To Work With Bilal Abbas!

Saba Qamar is one of the best actors we have in Pakistan. Her talent has won hearts all over the world. With extreme versatility, Saba has won a place where her approval is something of great importance to a young

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Sajal Aly And Bilal Abbas Shine Together!

Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan are winning hearts with their performances in the hit play O Rangreza. The stars got together for the shoot of a brand and as usual looked lovely and shined in every frame. Seems like the

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Bilal Abbas Khan: Some Untold Facts About The Star!

Bilal Abbas Khan is ruling the television screens right now with his magical portrayal of Qasim. He has impressed millions with his performance and people are counting him as the next big thing in the industry. Bilal came on Jago

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