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The Most Annoying Characters Of Pakistani Dramas In 2018

The most annoying characters of Pakistani dramas in 2018 were all those characters which got on our nerves, made us grit our teeth and clinch our fists! These characters were intolerable and tested the patience of the viewers. Most of

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Strong Female Characters Of Our Dramas

Long gone are the days when females were casted into dramas and movies because the man needed a prop. Slowly but gradually the whole world has taken a feminist approach in entertainment business, just like many other businesses and our

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Kosem Sultan Season 2 To Soon Hit Our TV Screens

Kosem Sultan Season 2 is soon going to be flashing on our TV screens again at Urdu 1. The drama that has sparked the fans interest since the day 1 of its telecast has made people hooked to it. The

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Danish Nawaz Is Coming Back With Paimmany!

Sunn Yara did really well and kept the audience hooked through out. Danish Nawaz did a very good job with directing Sunn Yara starring Hira Mani and Junaid Khan. The play also stars Asim Mehmood who plays Talal’s younger brother

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Best Dramas of 2016

This year was superb in terms of dramas; the dramas which aired in this year on various channels focused on different topics as opposed to relying solely on done-to-death scenarios. Some of these dramas which were based on fresh ideas

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