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Zakham Episode 23 & 24 Review – Epic Fail

These episodes of Zakham started with running around in circles and ended on the same theme. There was nothing, absolutely nothing useful that happened in the drama. The characters are stuck frozen in time, their transformations are unreal and their

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Zakham Episode 15 Review – Shabbir Jan All The Way

This episode of Zakham was power packed with some extremely sensitive and emotional performances. However, there was one man who stole today’s episode, fair and square. The veteran Shabbir Jan once again proved why he is one of the most

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Zakham Episode 13 Review – Anger Provoking

So the thirteenth episode of Zakham was all about Khawar and his mental illness and the sympathy card he played. The drama is not taking the story any forward. Rather, it is showing the same situation in different colours in

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