Dramas are now becoming main source of entertainment in Pakistan, the fever is increasing day by day and no one can spend its day by not watching at least one drama. The drama fever is so intense in Pakistan that it has allowed foreign dramas to enter in Pakistan as well, I wonder that a time might come when we will be watching dramas of every country. Pakistanis living abroad are also watching dramas with craze and literally I have seen Indians as well suggesting Pakistani dramas to each other.

Any ways my point is that aren’t we getting influenced from the dramas day by day? I heard many saying that oh what kind of story is this that doesn’t not happen in reality and I am like why we always use to match dramas stories with the reality. Of course life is very different from the drama, what happens in the drama is written by writer(a human being) and what will happen in our lives is already written by ALLAH. Yes I accept the fact that writers like Umera Ahmed are now writing stories which we can relate to what is happening in our society and as I have said earlier that it is an appreciable effort from them as they are trying to change the society but we cannot copy paste every single bit of story as circumstances shown in the dramas differs from our real lives.

Giving a reference to Kanwal’s recent article again I agree to this point that drama writers must give a thought to a logic before writing any story, obviously too many dramas are now ON-AIR and most of them doesn’t make any sense and if there is no chronological order in the story then drama sounds stupid from its first impression. However my basic point is that we should TAKE ENTERTAINMENT AS ENTERTAINMENT because for the last 3 to 4 months as I am getting more keen to watch Pakistani dramas and I always watch it on Internet, so I am noticing that people are commenting that this drama is far away from reality oh for GOD sake this is the drama why are we comparing it to real life just watch it for entertainment. Dramas are being presented to you just to provide you with some entertainment and to relax you from different workloads seriously for me Pakistani Dramas seems like a massage whenever I watch it after coming either from work or after having studies.


Dramas do have inclusion of some reality but only to make it interesting not to get influenced by it. I agree here that dramas also gives us few lessons including treatment of people, trust, bond of love, valuing relationships etc. but its main motive is to provide entertainment, attracts audience and to earn money. I have gone through debates with different people, their argument was that Pakistani dramas are spreading hopelessness and transferring pessimism in our young generations as they are showing mistreated women, cheating spouses and stories full of revenge. I agree to the extent that yes Drama Industry should come up with more comedy and lively dramas and sitcoms because it becomes depressing watching most of the time atrocities and social flaws but on the other hand we should not get obsessed by those dramas.

Another point is that when we relate the story of drama to the society we should look for the motive of writer. If the writer has written the story specifically for the betterment of society then yes we can relate the story to real life but still we cannot copy each and every bit as circumstances are always different but if the writer motive is to provide you with just interesting stories then no point to matching the story to the reality. For example recently I have heard many people are saying that current drama “Pyaray Afzal’s” story is unreal and I Just want to say Is this drama written for the change of society? Its motive is to just provide you with interesting love story and light comedy in order to relax you from the tensions. If you look at the story of drama “Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan” then yes we can relate its story from the real life because it is written to give lesson to the society and for the betterment of society and usually Umera Ahmed’s motive is to show harsh realities which is happening somewhere in the society although I am not noticing any positive changes occurring in the society through her stories.

Thus as you watch films or foreign serials just for entertainment so watch Pakistani Dramas also just for family entertainment and don’t get influenced by it in order to avoid depression because seriously we all are tackling already with different problems in our lives. Do you agree with me? please have your say and if not please provide answers with calmness and with logical and sensible reasons. One more thing just popped up in my mind that people may give me the reference of my recent article written on Mercedes because in that I have discussed some reality, so I just want to say that I had already written in that article in the end that it is all folks and just for fun nothing serious.

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