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Talent, Looks or Sifarish

First of all I have nothing against the actors mentioned below except they are actors who cannot act at all yet they are not only surviving in the industry rather thriving which consequently leaves question mark on the reasons behind their thriving.

Mahnoor Baloch– First time I became familiar with her was in Yeh Zindagi but ironically I remember the drama because of Nauman Ijaz and Qaisar Khan Nizamani instead of Mahnoor Baloch. Almost a decade and half has passed since then but she continues to be what she was without any improvement. She seems to be a pretty statue carved from stone, devoid of expressions both facial and vocal. She seems kind of disinterested and detached from surroundings, her dialogue delivery is usually impassive lacking intonation. She still manages to appear in dramas quite frequently and that too in lead roles drastically inappropriate to her age. Though she was praised a lot for Talafi, I disagree. Kabi Kabi Pyar Mein is memorable among her works but that too mainly because of Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui.

Mikaal Zulfiqar– I was an ardent fan of MZ until I saw his Bollywood flick You Are My Jaan (plagiarized version of Pretty Woman); I took great pains in downloading that movie only for MZ. Mikal hasn’t looked more handsome before; a perfectly created character from a painting but the moment he opened his mouth poof- the magic vanished. I still am his fan but not of his acting anymore obviously. The reason behind his grabbing a lot many central roles is possibly his killing looks.

Mehreen Raheel– Mehreen Raheel has bagged many important roles in her career but despite inheriting acting from her mother and despite her beauty she is a mediocre actress. Usually she is given characters where she has to fill the place of a stylish, beautifully dressed individual e.g. MMBZ, Ashk, ZGH, Mastana Mahi. She did well in Dastaan but in rest of her projects her acting has been monotonous and unimpressive. She is more suitable for ramp (despite her height) and Tvcs where she outshines others.

Sheikh Siblings- Both Momal Sheikh and Shahzad Sheikh aren’t impressive actors unlike their father. Again both of them have grabbed many lead roles in their short careers in spite of the below average acting, seriously do they even deserve side characters let alone the lead ones? They both aren’t exceptional beauties like the above mentioned celebs which make one wonder the reason behind their “success”. Oh they are the Sheikh siblings, rings more than enough bells!

Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui– The new hottie of the showbiz, his fans are going to flay me to death for including him in this list but honestly he isn’t much of an actor. All he has is good looks and a good nature. ZGH, Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay, Kahi Un Kahi and now Asmano Pe Likha; same expressions and dialogue delivery doesn’t show much hope for improvement.

Other than these Urwa Tul Wusqa, Sana Akari, Shehroz Sabswari, Mira Sethi and Maya Ali are clearly getting more than they deserve. What it can be if not talent, looks or intercession/cronyism, it is upon the readers to decide!

P.S. you might not agree with me, the article is after all subjective.

Faiza Cheema

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