Tanzeela Mazhar resigns following PTV harassment case

Tanzeela Mazhar, anchor at Pakistan Television (PTV) has resigned from her job and post after authorities showed lack of interest in responding to her harrassment complaint.

Mazhar mentioned in her resignation which she also tweeted, said:

“Things were made very difficult for me and I was facing huge psychological torture every day. PTV is being hijacked by perverts. I did my bit to improve things but moral corruption won over morals.”

In January, she had filed a complaint regarding harassment that she was being harassed by Agha Masood Shorish, PTV Current Affairs Director.

She had also recently tweeted about how it is useless to pursue a lost cause considering the society we live in and the only option on her hands is to resign from her post.

It shows from her resignation that the PTV management would rather save the reputation of one individual at a higher post and not address such a serious issue regarding women.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs.