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Television Commercials WE Love to Watch!

Dramas, telefilms, music videos, sports programs, talk shows, live shows, current affairs, each and every thing has its own importance and a certain place in daily TV transmissions. But there is this one thing that we usually ignore when it comes to giving credits; commonly known as TVC that not only generate a proper revenue for television channels but also keep the viewers updated with the launches of all new products in the market.

Personally, I find TV commercials fun to watch, not all of them of course, but some of them are genuinely entertaining. During an intense or tragic situation of a prime time drama, a light and quirky TVC provides the much needed comic relief to the audience. Although, advertising in Pakistan is getting a bit lame these days but there are always commercials that portrays a good catchy scenario and tag-line and hence deserves appreciation.

Let’s talk about all those TV commercials that we love watching these days in no particular order. You can always add your favorites in the list, let’s make it a fun conversation, shall we?

National Foods Masala Advertisement Featuring Sherheryar Munawar


So much fun, so many colours and so many traditions in a single TVC! Although I found this advertisement a wee bit cheesy but then again this was how it meant to be. Director Asim Raza, perfectly picked up the vibrancy of Pakistani wedding tradition, thumbs up for that! The BG (Chitah Kukar – one of the folk songs by Mussarat Nazair) went so well with all the halla gulla and colorfulness of a wedding house. What do you think?

Kashmir UIL 50 Years Celebration Advertisement

A personal favourite, Kashmir UIL 50 Years Celebration Advertisement was broadcasted somewhere in 2012 featuring three generations and their mode of celebrations. What’s so special about this TVC you ask? A revival of Pakistani classic movies’ songs, I say. The commercial has used some of the most popular Pakistani songs from the last 50 years as the background, which honestly has lifted this simple advertisement recording to a whole new level. Have a thing for oldies goldies? You will love this TVC then.

Olpers Advertisement Featuring Leading Morning Show Hosts of the Time


Olpers with its simple yet classic tag line “Subah Bakhair Zindagi” has always maintained a level of its TV advertisements. Often times, their advertisements portray the naturally beautiful and pure suburbs of Pakistan. More or less 3 years back they came up with this idea of featuring Pakistan’s leading morning show hosts in their new TVC. A well thought idea!

National Foods Eid Special Advertisement

National Foods usually comes up with new ads for all festivals, this is the thing I like the best about them; giving worth to our own traditions and celebrate them. Here I’m talking about that one particular heart-melting ad where an elder sister travels all the way from Lahore to New Delhi to see her younger sister, relive their childhood and celebrate Eid together. The ad features Shamim Hilaly, Sabreen Hisbani, Sami Khan and others.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advertisements Featuring Relationships

Dairy Milk’s advertisement have been consistently cute! Instead of advertising the products directly into your face, they try to present it as a part of short sweet story. The new dairy milk ad features a married couple, celebrating their anniversary with a dairy milk bar. In past, I used to love that heart-warming dairy milk ad where a brother gifts his sister a Cadbury bar on her wedding eve, as a reminder of sweetness of their relationship, so much emotions in one ad!


I also adore Cadbury’s ad that came with the theme of freedom. A bunch of friends, saving and striving to raise green flag high up in the air, makes my heart melts.

Ufone – The Ultimate Hilarious Ads


And of course we just cannot compile this list without mentioning the fun, quirky, witty and upbeat Ufone ads, the one that have Faisal Qureshi and Meekal Hussain gang. This team has given some major boost to the otherwise shattering Ufone company, no wonder these days they are one of the preferred cellular service brand in Pakistan, “teri meherbani”!

Which TVC do YOU love to watch? Don’t forget to mention your personal favourites!


Zubia Rizvi


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