The Cast Reveals Everything You Need To Know About Mehrunisa V Lub U

After the success of Yasir Nawaz’s ‘Wrong No.’, he’s back with his second film project, ‘Mehrunnisa V Lub You’.

Starring the hunk of Pakistani industry Danish Taimoor and the beautiful drama actress Sana Javed making a debut in the film, we are sure this will be a comical journey, as evident from Nawaz’s previous drama productions and film.

The Cast Reveals Everything You Need To Know About Mehrunisa V Lub U

Speaking to Instep, the cast and crew of the film shed light on the project. The film was shot over a span of 45 days and the teaser looked aesthetically pleasing. There will be four songs in the film, one of which is being called a ‘celebration song’ by the producers. However, according to Danish Taimoor, the true strength of the film lies in the message it delivers.

“For me, it’s all about content,” shared Javed when asked what factors she takes into consideration when signing a film. “And of course, the director’s vision,” Taimoor added.

“The film isn’t very preachy though,” explained Javed to which Taimoor added: “You know how Rajkumar Hirani’s films are? 3 idiots, Munnabhai M.B.B.S and PK were all fun, entertaining films but they all had an underlying message or theme. MVLU attempts to do the same. We will try to convey an important message to our audience in a loving and fun way.”

The crew shared the details about the most expensive set ever in Pakistan, “We recreated a very busy junction of Karachi for the film and that set cost us roughly Rs. 20 million to create. We made our own road and gave attention to every detail. You won’t be able to tell that it’s a set when you see it in the film,” shared Shariq.

When asked if there was a need to create a set so grand? “It’s not easy to shoot in public locations in Pakistan as it is very difficult to control the crowd. It’s also very difficult to control the amount of information that gets leaked to people prior to the release of the film. A closed set ensures privacy as well as a greater level of control over all aspects of the film,” explained Shariq. The film was shot completely in Pakistan and the songs have been shot in the northern areas of the country. “For us, the set was an absolute necessity; it wasn’t an extravagance just for the sake of it.”

Sana Javed was seen adorning saris in the freezing temperature, “The temperature was minus 8 and I was afraid I might get frostbite,” laughed Javed.

When asked was she stressed out during the shooting of that sequence? “It took us total of 12 days to complete the shooting of two songs and yes, I tried every possible trick to keep myself warm during it. I would drink tea and coffee but none of that works when you’re wearing a sari in the snow.”

The Cast Reveals Everything You Need To Know About Mehrunisa V Lub U

When asked if she wore the heels as well? “No, thank God! I was always wearing a very comfortable pair of boots underneath.”

Because of these Yash Raj film inspired sequences, it’s only natural to draw comparisons between MVLU and Bollywood films. “These comparisons have to stop. Pakistani films were being made like this many years ago as well. We used to have item numbers and make films in the same manner. Our conflicts are the same; our style of storytelling is the same. Of course our films will look similar. And even if they look similar then what’s the problem? Bollywood does well in Pakistan. People run to the cinemas to watch Indian films. So if our films look the same then that just goes to show that we’re making films that the audience wants to see. We can try making earthy, artsy films but right now the market is small. We have to create films that can feed revenue to all the screens in Pakistan right now,” exclaimed Taimoor.

Rimsha Butt