The Latest Web Series Churail Is Copied

Asim Abbasi’s Churails has been standing out as truly newsworthy since the absolute first look of the show was revealed.  Among the crowd some named it the best Pakistani show to have hit the screens while others named it as vulgar.

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The series has breaken various stereotypes among our society.

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Recently a tweet brought some attention to the opening sequence of the critically acclaimed show where an obvious similarity with another illustration by French illustrator, Malika Favre, was pointed out. 

 The Latest Web Series Churail Is Copied

Churail’s opening sequence was designed by Rokhan Studio. Responding to the query, Glasshouse Production, the production house of the show, released a statement that this has been brought to our notice right now and we are looking into it immediately.

The Latest Web Series Churail Is Copied

The audience is currently waiting for response.

Sara Imran