The Released Film Actor In Law Premiere was just like a Fish Market !

The premiere of Actor in Law was a completely a mismanaged event. The place was over crowded, it seemed that entire city was invited to have a cinematic experience. The seating arrangement was for fewer people and invited guests were more in number.

The star cast made to the cinema 15 minutes late and the film was already started. Therefore people were busy watching the film and did not even notice that star cast has finally made to the cinema.After a few minutes film was stopped and Fizza Meerza stood up and informed the audience that movie will be played from the beginning as many people have missed the starting of the film. People resisted to the entire idea of playing the movie from the start but nothing changed.

After a while the rock star Atif Aslam left the show , the reason is still unknown. The entire event was a real mess. We hope next time Fizza Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi give us a more organized premiere.