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These Two Celebrities Are Just Best Friends Or ?

Yashma Gill is relatively new to the entertainment industry. She fought a long hard battle to get where she is today. In an interview Yashma shared that when she was 18 she worked as a VJ but she always wanted to step in the world of acting. Her father did not allow her to do so therefore she decided to pursue her studies further. After doing her graduation from Australia in Psychology she came back and this time she wanted to work in the field of acting more than ever. Yashma said that she always felt like this is what she was born to do. She finally convinced her father and that is how her career started.

Hamza Malik is a singer whose singing career took off with the single O Janaa starring Iqra Aziz. Hamza Malik and Yashma Gill are seen together very often because of which some people have also started speculating that they are a couple. Some pages have also started posting the news of their marriage. The fact however is that these two are really good friends who love spending time together.

Here are some pictures of Yashma Gill and Hamza Malik.