This Indian Comedian Hates Fawad Khan and he has valid reasons for it!

It is nothing infamous, that Fawad Khan was purely loved in India but the growing conflicts between the countries brutally affected the ‘Art’. He rose to fame with some hit dramas and strong roles in the movies. The controversy around Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Fawad Khan’s presence in it broke out post the conflict and there were innumerable responses from the Bollywood. But this response so far, is a different one. Indian comedian Daniel Fernandes has a valid reason for hating the actor, because he can’t afford to like him, since Karan Johar had paid a whopping five crores for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s release.

Daniel said, “I have legit reasons for hating Fawad Khan. Number one, I cannot afford to like Fawad Khan. I don’t have Rs 5 crores on me, only 4.5. Secondly, Fawad was born in Pakistan, I was born in India. What choice do I have? Hate is our default setting right? There hasn’t been a software upgrade since 1947. And third reason, nobody should be that good looking! He just looks too good. You have to hate that guy.”

He is also ‘comically’ jealous of Arshad Khan because he has blue eyes and Fernandes doesn’t. He gets modelling contracts and Fernandes?! Not sure. But amid the laughter, he makes a very important point that why does a chaiwala or vegetable seller being good looking surprise us so much? It’s not birth right of the financially-fit to look good, isn’t it?

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt