This Pashto song draws a comparison between Panama leaks and love

A latest Pashto song makes a comparison of love to Panama Leaks scandal.

Pa Mohabbat Ke Corruption De Karhay. Da Bal Yo Khkuli Selection De Karhay. Khlasai De Nishta Os Pa Dasey Ywa Ghoima Kay Ger Shway. Pa Panama Ke Ger Shway,” sings a Pakhtun singer.

The male singer responds: “Khpal Mohabbat Ba Gatam. Pa Adalat Ba Ye Gatam. Dhandli May Na Da Karhay. Ma Kho Sta Yari Karhay Da.”

The song is going viral on social media these days. The song talks about lover’s fight as one of them has betrayed the other. And then it mentions Panama leaks.

The female singer is saying that her lover is corrupt because he selected another beautiful face over her.

“You are caught in Panama scandal now,” sings the female singer but the male singer comes even stronger by singing that he would win his love (case) by proving it in the court because he has not rigged anything but only tried to be her friend.

The film was a flop and the Pashto but this song is surely a fun treat.

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