This Time Its A German Bride Coming To Pakistan

It is safe to say at this point that Pakistan is actually attracting a lot of foreign attention as far as finding love is concerned and Pakistani men are finding brides across seven seas. With many cross-cultural marriages happening in the last few days, another is on the cards and this time the bride is from Germany.

Yes, like all the previous stories, the couple started their friendship online and discovered that they can be more and the lady who has now embraced Islam came to Pakistan to marry her love. The German lady is 40 years old and now goes by the name Maryam while the groom, Muhammad Ejaz is 30 years old. He hails from Pindi Bhattian and the marriage will be taking place very soon. Check out the couple:

This Time Its A German Bride Coming To Pakistan

Well, Pakistanis who are majorly known for not even marrying out of their own castes are definitely setting a new trend!

Pakeeza Dar