TikTokers Raise Awareness Regarding COVID-19

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading in Pakistan and to create awareness Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar invited TikTokers.

TikTokers Raise Awareness Regarding COVID-19

Many social media influencers including Kanwal Aftab, Sehar Hayat, Haris Ali and Daniyal Sohail and many others were part of the meeting with the Governor of Punjab.

TikTokers Raise Awareness Regarding COVID-19

The meeting was held with TikTokers as they can create content to spread the awareness regarding COVID-19.

TikTokers have huge fan following and their audience is mostly youngsters and that’s why they were chosen to spread the message.

TikTokers Raise Awareness Regarding COVID-19

However, people were furious from the government taking help from the TikTok community. Generally, people hate TikTok and they receive severe criticism because of senseless content.

TikTokers Raise Awareness Regarding COVID-19

Everyone was waiting for TikTokers’ videos regarding awareness of COVID-19 and here we go with the first video.

Check out this video:

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This video is being criticized by the social media and people are questioning that is this how the awareness regarding coronavirus will be given?

Well, we can’t judge by looking at this video only because other TikTokers have made some sensible videos which will surely help in raising awareness.

Here are some TikTok videos:

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