Time To Question Our Own Values?

Many of our channels promote Indian shows on regular basis. All sorts of Indian shows from dance shows to reality ones are aired on our television channels all through the year and not only this many of our local shows are inspired by these Indian shows because they are so widely followed. We have seen many dance shows which are organized by our own production houses but are nothing more than a Pakistani version of these Indian shows and have nothing to do with our culture or identity. What I find extremely surprising is that none of our actors or any person belonging to the media world has ever opposed these shows strongly till now. Sure we do hear people say that the Indian shows should not be aired every now and then but have you ever seen a proper movement led by an artist or a number of artists against Pakistani shows that are inspired by these Indian shows only?

Now that the Turkish shows are going on air our actors and producers have a serious issue with it and will do anything to stop these shows from going on air. The actor Faysal Qureshi asked people to join hands with him in order to protest against these shows so that the channels won’t let them go on air. This is what Faysal Qureshi has asked from his fans:

“Dear friends and well wishers of Pakistani media, please show your support for Pakistani drama by showing up in person at 3:30 p.m on Saturday 15th DECEMBER at the Karachi Press Club. As you may have noticed, there’s a sudden influx of dubbed dramas as well as Indian soaps in the prime time slot (8 p.m-10:00 p.m) on several mainstream entertainment channels. Nowhere in the world does a country give such precedence to foreign content instead of its own indigenous software as Pakistani channels are choosing to do at this moment. If this trend is allowed to continue unabated, several Pakistani producers and production houses will be forced to shut down. It has been a long and arduous journey for artists, writers, directors, music directors, art directors and producers as it is… Please show your support for this industry and Pakistan’s cultural identity. We look forward to seeing you at the Press Club on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.God bless you all!” (Faysal Quershi)

My question is that was it okay for all these Indian shows to go on air as long as the time slot did not hurt our actors or production houses? If it really is about the cultural identity of Pakistan than my second question is that do shows such as Nachley (in which Faysal Qureshi himself very actively participated) represent the culture of Pakistan? Is it okay if Pakistanis themselves are a threat to their own culture and identity? We need to safeguard our culture and identity ourselves first and then point fingers at others. If our own shows are inspired by Indian shows than how can we hold them accountable for invading or threatening our culture? Is it really about our culture and identity or is it more about the production houses not being able to make as much money as they were before after these Turkish plays in particular go on air?

There are many Pakistani dramas also in which we see all kinds of things that are against our culture, traditions and moral values. We see people openly having extra marital affairs, we see sisters flirting openly with their Brother-In-Laws, people getting drunk is no problem at all, every second negative character in our dramas drinks as if it is no big deal and the comedy in our dramas is getting more vulgar by the day. Why don’t we question all of this and change the way things are. Pakistan has all the talent it needs to make good dramas (and we are making many too) without adding content that makes it impossible for the viewer to sit and watch these dramas with their family. Our dramas were not like this many years back, so whose footsteps are we following now? We cannot allow foreign channels to come here and spread vulgarity but we don’t keep our basic values in mind while making dramas. Instead of promoting family values, we are constantly making plays based on thinking that was indeed imported from the neighboring country.Where did this whole saas bahu saga start from in the first place? We never used to make dramas like that before. Is infidelity a part of our social fabirc?

Time To Question Our Own Values?

Time To Question Our Own Values?

Time To Question Our Own Values?

Time To Question Our Own Values?

Time To Question Our Own Values?

I understand that our artists and production houses are feeling threatened now that foreign dramas are making their way to our industry but I also hope that our production houses set examples of Pakistani culture and tradition themselves too by promoting it in their dramas and shows. I hope that Faysal Qureshi will not be seen dancing to Indian tunes in his next show, only then will I be convinced that this is indeed about culture and identity and not just money.


  • wah wah….bht acha articl likha hy ap ny..i m impressed..
    Myry mind main jitne baten the sb ap ny keh de…bilkol
    aysa he hy.apny dramas ke vulgarity khtm ni krne or
    dusro ko point out krty hain.khud aysy topics py dramas bna
    ry hain jo bnda dykh he ni skta family k sath.

  • Hi saud,
    Am a big fans of your writing and the way u put it on the paper …well i second your thought , if HUMTV can show PLANET BOLLYWOOD and UTRAN than why not turkish darama ? …i agree with each and every opinions of yours ..

      • and funny thing is that, turkish people as well don't accept that on discussion stuff as thier own property :D
        They say : "this is not ours". pata nae un k channels pe be ye on air hua hai k nae… but still if we have to chose btw muslim and non muslim then muslim shd be the choice…

  • Excellent analysis of our current television industry. We can continue to make good dramas and shows without coping the norms of others that are against our religion. We should be proud of who we are and not lose our identity.

  • Pakistani culture ,identity .. Etc any one has ever able to define it?? Mr zia did try and now result is a generation wid confused identity .. You got to accept it that we are part of this Indian sub continent .. We can not be Middle East .. We have shared values and history …and dis continent is been divided into hundreds of states but history and values always been shared ..in 63 years we hv eradicated performing arts , culture . Values in name of religion and so called Pakistani identity but still u Hvnt been able to create a separate … If channels show Indian soaps or dance shows it means people and especially ladies wan see it ..

    • confused? 1 in a thousand like u….as u cn see other's views about ths article below…..we r nt confused….we r moderate,adapting muslims but nt confused….nt shared values nd culture ….but have our own identity nd believes….i differ with u nd ppl like u who r confused abt their identity….we did nt like in sub continent Mr……nd the dilemma is ppl like u still hd nt accpt it nd still living in past….wish u ppl cd have suffer those miseries tht made our ancestors to rise against them….nd mind it values based on religion r the main difference between us nd hindus…..yes i agree we hv lived together for many years nd we shared some common values nd customs tht we usually see on our weddings….but tht did nt mean tht we r same nation.nd pls dnt mix culture, values, believes…alll these concepts r far different from eachother.

    • not agree sir i m a student of indo Pak history i know very well how our father got Pakistan under the able leadership of our Qaid our custmx are totaly defrent our belivs r totaly difrnt accupt some triditions we r totaly difrnt from them and we r not confused becoz i know what happen in our history inndean dramas and show hav been seen in only some big cities the 70 % of our population is belong to rural arias and they watch only Ptv .

  • Pakistani culture ,identity .. Etc any one has ever able to define it?? Mr zia did try and now result is a generation wid confused identity .. You got to accept it that we are part of this Indian sub continent .. We can not be Middle East .. We have shared values and history …and dis continent is been divided into hundreds of states but history and values always been shared ..in 63 years we hv eradicated performing arts

  • agreed 100% ….and i can not understand why it is neccessary to show characters consuming alchol in dramas , even he is hero of serial or has been shown him a nice man but drinks when he is stressed , i agree that it is very common now a days but why to let some (even1% if u say) people to know about consuming this bad thing, our prophet called it root of evil . why we can not show our values and traditions ?? these may b minor things in some people's opinion but can badly effect our new generation , how can we tell our kids what is wrong and what is right if it wll openly be shown in dramas of our muslim society . really feeling bad to watch a obedient to his mother charater in "ik tamanna la hasil si" drinking with his friends. you are right our old dramas without all thsese indian effects were super hit.

  • Excellent points about the vulgarity in our dramas. I would argue that the reason Humsafar became a hit was because of its LACK of vulgarity, which appealed to audiences not just in Pakistan, but around the world. This is what has always made Pakistani programs shine, especially our dramas. After Humsafar, I watched Ashk to see what Fawad Khan's next drama would be like. I was absolutely disgusted by the drinking, adultery, inappropriate clothes, language, etc. He may have been a star in the program, but that is not enough to keep me interested in a drama. I promptly stopped watching after two or three episodes. Ashk was awful because of its low-class, vulgar storyline.

    Pakistanis need to do what people in other countries do: protest via writing and posts on the Facebook pages of these dramas. It does get results and makes directors and producers aware of what the public wants and is thinking. We are living in an era of direct communication with audiences and media personalities thanks to social media. Let us take advantage of that and use it to improve Pakistan's programming.

  • ya Humsafar example is given 100% perfect. hero and heroine became so beloved to the viewers because they looked innocent…. love was there, romance was there but in such a cute way and just in limits that our culture was really appreciating it… otherwise most of other dramas is difficult to watch with family .. girls have to leave the room or fathers, brothers have to change the channels during these scenes

    please read and comment

    • Exactly! story was no new… but that hessitation and cutness was very nice and every one loved to see it. and now another hit zgh. has a strong story as well. and also the values are there… lurki sir pe dupatta le k abba ko chai denay jati hai! beautiful :)

    • yeah i agree with u nazia…and i dont understand why our channels are showing very personal and private problems on air …like pregnancy and marital matters,now our children also know what happens when a women get pregnant and what happened when a man n woman get married thanks to our media….even we cant watch tv wid family because of some adds like ALWAYS" AND FAILY PLANNINGS ADDS".thats y i stopped watching tv wid my 10 years old son.

    • I think you're missing the point here. I wish people would stop plugging Humsafar as though it's the best thing since slice bread. At the end of the day it's about understanding the difference between romance and vulgarity.

  • I must say that turkish dramas are still better than indian as they donot promote conflict between sensitive relations although they are vulgar.All the same,every foreign particle of media should be emmitted from pakistani industry,first indians then turkish and others.

  • Ab hamirey apney drama mein hamira koun Sa culture reha gaya hai dekh ke sharm ATI hai sleevelees ,without duppata pent shirt deep galay yeh hamira culture hai AAP India ke drama dekhein us mein un ka culture Nazar pata hai zee tv per drama qabool hai ata hai us mein Muslim culture ke story hai aur un kI dressing dekhein aur hamirey ??????? Modeling dekhein sharm ATI hai Lant hai hamirey apney dramon per aur morning shows per

  • This was Sarmad Khoosat's status update today
    "dubbed content MAMNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! maazrat kay saath, channels waalay kuch bhee baichna chorr dain….entertainment aur dhanday may kuch farq hona chahiye…..warna kissi aur kaam ka license mil jana chahiye hum sub ko!!!"
    Sarmad is a very talented director but was all the indecency we saw in Ashk not mamnoo? Wo entertainment thi ya dhanda? Cheap dialogues, khule aam extra marital affairs, drunk or intoxicated characters, bhung and beer scenes, what was all of that? Hamare apne log hami entertainment ke naam pe jo murzi ghol ke pila day wo mamnoo nahi?

  • I will only share my point of view. Frankly speaking I think that in all this the fault is of viewers they always prefer foreign content over their own.
    If you don’t like Mehwish hayat doing intimate scenes then you should also hate behtar doing same in Ishq e mamnu.
    No doubt that vulgarity has stepped in our drams, but on the demand of what? This is public demand people watch indian and Turkish shows that are full of vulgarity so to attract the viewer our channels and production houses have to include such material in their products. Look few years back when our dramas were free of all this, but at that time indian content was preferred by the public and then HUM TV came with a bold approach and that was accepted by the people.
    Now it’s the turn of Turkish content people are giving preference to it. Naturally either our channels will make shows inspired by them or will broadcast dubbed Turkish shows until our population will start giving ratings to them. People need to get out of their double standards and show patriotism and in my opinion this is the remedy of the problem.

    • agreed 100%..if people in our country didn't like vulgarity, to indian soaps,big boss,turkish soaps,indian award shows,dance competitions kabi itnay popular na hotay…actions speak louder than words..hum jitna bhi shor macha lain k hamain ye pasand nai hai,programs ki ratings or earnings proof day deitee hain k hamain actualy kia pasand hai..

    • yesss! whenever we call our cable operator k kids k english cartoons lagaain aur idians the krish etc mut lagaain they say gee aap ka hi ghar hae jo eng cartoons kehta hae aur bheeem etc mana kurta e… baqi tu sari public yahi demand kurti e :/

  • fully agreed. but such mininterpretation of our culture is not restricted to dramas only ….we sure can see the sole violation of pakistani culture in our morning shows as well. keeping in mind the core social and economical issues pakistani masses have… is it alright to show lavish weddings and rituals with costumes costing millions of pkr showcased by our models and moring show hosts??????????????? isnt it questionable.
    we surely are causing a serious inferiority and experiority complexes among our youth young teenage gal, and gals waiting to get married by showcasing such extravagant misuse of and display of money and status.

  • Very valid point…i agree
    basically the problems with our actors and directors is that they want every thing made in pakistani even vularity(sorry to say)…bt we are against every type of vulgarity on our media…we want to see our culture and values.thatz it.

  • I completely agree…today more and more people are attracted towards Pakistani dramas….but I have always been an ardent die-hard Pakistani Drama follower.Never ever watched any Indian shit…be it movies or dramas or dance shows….it's an insult for me to even vomit on the shit they show……but I always wonder why our channels need the crutches of such filth…are they not any how responsible for what Faysal Qureshi is worried nowadays…our dramas show Namaaz only in sajda and salaam….no more….is this not something to worry about?you know all their customs,traditions and rituals…..they dont even mention the death of legends from Pakistan(Mehdi Hasan)…..and we take pride in promoting their films and dance through becoming their Media Partners…..My heart bleeds more than Faysal Qureshi and even Mubashir Lucman.

  • Please post your complaints on the Facebook pages of dramas, actors, and directors. If enough of us do it, then they will have to respond. Today, ratings are not the only thing that count. Social media like Facebook have made it much easier to express praise and dissatisfaction. For example, in ZGH's last episode Saara, Zaroon's sister, was wearing a t-shirt that had "Little Miss Jihad" written on it. There was such an outcry that she was forced to respond on Facebook and Sultana Siddiqui apologized for it on her FB page. We can complain, but until we say or do something about it, we are only allowing our entertainment industry to cater to the vulgar, lowest, common denominator.

  • your Q is velid. this is not about our culture. this is all about money. blamng ppl for every thing is very easy because no body listen to them . they do what they want. look around you it is happing every were. i remember very well when GEO air their fist drama omrio jaan. not only common ppl but from tv indstury many respected actors and actress dislike it. in 50 mins (geo news prog) they clearly said that geo and actress/actres cross the limites. acters like Jamshaid Ansri(L) and Galib Kamal(film star Kamal S 'son) on one side and Bushara Ansari and Adnan Sadiqii + the lady i do not now her name which is a part of Kash main tari bati na hoti (sas of kushi ) on other side.just listen their views you will shock . galib kamal and ansari shahab dislike scrip and said that was to open we can't see with childrens and thay asked meanings of words . Adnan S and lady replied this is Adult Entretanment . and this "Adultry Entertanment never stop. Geo start this like other things which are not a part of our culture and everyone adopted it and never feel responablity. what they give to the socity is posion.I am a huge fan of pakistani drama but now i just give up watching dramas with even my sisters. Because most of them are shamless and makes me shamefull. even when i watch few good dramas i am not shore about them because in our dramas we do not now what we get next.

  • Are we concerned about our muslim culture or sweet curry. A mother conspiring against her own childern for her arrogance, sisters stealing their borther in laws, and in 'mi-rukqsam" a father marrying the beloved of his son, and in the end letting her die for the life of his son; leaving his son to wonder in the an old shirine for the search of his soul. These dramas depict nothing else but, the power of instinct over inteligence, caprice over reason and arrogance over prudence. Mr. Faisal Qurehis, first stop dancing on the tune of indian lyrics then stand for Pakistani culture.

  • Media is continuously airing indian programs and turkish dramas because viewers are watching them . If we want to promote our culture and rid our media of all this nuisance, then simply we shouldn't watch these programs even if they are on air.

    Most of the time, I've observed that indian programs are on air at the repeat timings of our own dramas and take recently upcoming turkish drama "Noor" replacing our outstanding drama "Meri Behen Maya" which haven't even ended yet.

    I don't know about anyone but I simply hate Indian media and want to break my t.v when turkish stupidity is on air.

  • I AGREE ….but Sooo sorry to say but aaj kaal pakistani dramas Mai konsa values dekha rahe hai
    Kaprey, hugs from front and back, eak doosray ko touch kerna, eak bister per laitna and sooo much more
    Doosray mulko Kai shows islia pasand nahe Kia jaa rage hai Q Kai us Mai non sharai ya. Non cultured views hai tou it's absolutely not right …… Yeah if we are against them bcuz paksiatni celebs are doing downn getting worker pple are not watching paksitani dramas then I would say yeah we all should do something about it… As a paksitani I think we all should do something about our on TV SHOWS AND SERIALS then talk about others……

  • agreed with u. Our drama industry has to look themselves as well what they are showing nowadays in mohabbat jae bhar mein in hum tv and lots of dramas in which they just one topic left i.e extra marital affairs. affair with saali and behnooi. if anybody ask from them they said we r showing reality, this is what happenning around us so answer is dont afraid from turkish drama may be they r also showing reality of life. the thing which u trying to teach us they r also doing this.

  • i would still emphasise on the fact that mediocre stuff is being dished out on the pakistani channels……in fact the drama industry, in my humble opinion, hasn't revived at all but has only just recovered from the blow which was dealt on it by the indian soaps………excuse me for being so retrogressive and nostalgic but i really think the strict censorship of PTV instilled a sense of self-censorship in the drama writers and directors so they could screen for themselves what content was appropriate to telecast and also gave us some of the very best dramas in the history of Pakistan television…….what open media policy has done is to promote vulgarity and no creativity is left in an art form which becomes vulgar………the media people should improve their own work before creating such an uproar on the broadcast of foreign content only then would they be justified in doing so

  • @saud
    you dam right, its not about cultural values etc , its all about money. these morons wana show vulgarity but only made in pakistan vulgarity, quanitity but not quality is what they are after.
    saw few pakistani celebrities on telly moaning about foreign dramas, didt get their point. suddenly why on earth they are so concerned about our values now ??? Who gave these A***** right to define what we should see on our telly?cant see turkish drama causing any harm to out society, we are self sufficient already. Consuming alcohol is quite regular, extramarital affairs are commen. At least they are not hypocrite , they do have balls to point out their issues rather than having buried their head in sand and singing all is well……

  • yeah my answer is they on air turkish soaps but not in prime time but plz stop these indian stupid shows dramas they totally damn crap**** dash stop these shows their is nothing quality production no script nothing & the double standards of our artist ky jb tak beqar indian content araha tha 2 or 3 years they were just fine but jese aik turkish soap extraordinary hit hua tu sab ko aag lag gyi

  • 100% agreed, the writer of the article is very clear in direction, we all should think & act as a nation. otherwise, its better that we close our eyes and go to sleep..as we are already doing..


  • pakistani aur indian dramma main koi difference to hona chahye….dramma esa hona chahye k apnay bhai aur abbu k sath baith k adakha jaa skay….we shouldnt copy anyone,,,,especially indians,,,our forever enemy…

  • asslam o Alikum,pakistani drama ki strory ka miar hy aur story k muamly me wh apna ak image rakhta hy magr us story ko paish krny ka andaz dressing aur sab sy barh k dialog aur shoot krna us ka stianas kr dyty hn ab to loung me beth k dekhna mushkil ho jata hy aur kaha jata hy k log is sab ko pasand krty hn ya is sab ki rating hy to main yh kahn ge hr insan me jahan achai hy wahan burai bhe hoti hy ap yh sab dikha k burai ko hwa dyny ki bjay achai ko bhe barha sakty hn jis ko hya kaha ja ta hy mhrbani krn pakistani khwateen ki hya ko kam krny ka bais na bnain q k jahan street crime ka bais action movies hn wahan social crime ka bais drama serial hn.umeed hy ap twjh frmai

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