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Top 10 Pregnant Moments of Pakistani Celebrities

Celebrities are loved by their fans for the work they do in their professional lives but because the fans feel so connected to them, they always appreciate when the celebrities allow their fans to have an insight into their personal lives too. Female fans of any celebrity find themselves relating to their favourite celebrities more when they get to find out and learn more about the fact that their favourite star is pregnant and going through the life-changing, most beautiful journey of her life. Some celebrities do hide the news of their pregnancy from their fans and go low-profile during this time period but there are some celebrities who not only take pride in sharing this beautiful experience with their fans but also keep them updated with the pictures.

Here are those Pakistani celebrities who shared their pregnancy and pregnant moments with their fans:

Aiman Khan

pregnant aiman khan

pregnant aiman khan

Fatima Effendi

pregnant fatima effendi pregnant fatima effendi

Sanam Jung

pregnant sanam jang

Sarwat Gillani

pregnant sarwat gillani pregnant sarwat gillani 2

Veena Malik

pregnant veena malik

Mizna Waqas

pregnant minza waqas pregnant minza waqas 2

Mehreen Saeed

pregnant mehreen saeed pregnant mehreen saeed 2

Uroosa Siddique

pregnant uroosa 1

Nida Yasir

pregnant nida yasir pregnant nida yasir 2

Dua Malik

pregnant dua malik pregnant dua malik 2

Hira Tareen

pregnant hira tareen 1