Top Political Analysts Criticize Adnan Sami Khan For Surrendering Pakistani Citizenship

Adnan Sami Khan is very happy to get Indian citizenship. He feels more confident than ever after getting this new recognition. He hoisted the Indian flag at his residence to show how proud he was to be Indian and in every other interview he has been expressing his utter joy over the new development. Adnan Sami Khan had no problem renouncing his Pakistani citizenship to get an Indian citizenship.


Hamid Mir in his talk show showed how happy Adnan Sami was to get the citizenship and how prominent Indians were criticizing and ridiculing him.


Hamid Mir in his show pointed out that Adnan Sami Khan wrote an article in Times of India in which he tried to prove that he was always Indian. One of the journalists from India Shehar Gupta also talked about the whole issue on the show. He said that it is nothing to be proud of that Adnan Sami is an Indian citizen.



He said in the show that many people get different nationalities every day but Adnan Sami Khan was overdoing it.


Syed Noor was the person who introduced Adnan Sami Khan to the Pakistani film industry so Hamid Mir talked to him too about Adnan getting Indian citizenship. He said,

Zeba Bakhtiar was a simple woman, I told her not to fall for this man. He was always a very greedy man. He used Zeba Bakhtiar to make a place in India. He was always under Indian influence and wanted to go to India.”


Hassan Nisar also said that he had no issue with Pakistanis accepting citizenship of other countries but surrendering Pakistani citizenship should never be an option. He said,

“I swear if someone gives me the ownership of moon and not just the citizenship I will be very happy but if someone puts the condition that I have to surrender the citizenship of Pakistan then I will most probably slap a person who gives me such an offer. Surrendering Pakistani citizenship is like surrendering your own mother.”


Hassan Nisar’s emotional statements about the issue make every Pakistani think how anyone can give up the citizenship of their country for another one.

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