Unheroic Heroes

Gone are the days when we had perfect, flawless heroes whose actions and characteristics defined them as heroes. With influence of modern age and then the postmodern, like every conventional ideal and notion, the ideologies of an idealized hero were also questioned and we were presented we heroes who were ordinary individuals, who truly represented the masses instead of the privileged few but despite being ordinary they were and are worthy to be called heroes. Pakistani industry has had a bulk of ideal, perfect heroes, ordinary-perfect heroes, ordinary-flawed yet equally heroic heroes as well. However the heroes we encounter now seem more antiheroes, they aren’t necessarily villainous but lack of any constructive characteristics, persona and will categorizes them as sidekicks rather than heroes.

1. Pir Shahab (Aseer Zadi)

Pir Shahab not only lacks determination and intelligence, he is also kind of effeminate. Without giving a second thought to any issue which will obviously involve his abilities, intelligence and working of mind he blindly believes whatever he is told by anyone. For example Fatima told her Bhari Sarkar don’t want to go with him or even meet him, she left her house because of Maira etc. Shahab belived every single word without questioning or using his mind. First Amna’s accusation, then Pir Jalal told him Maira is unfaithful to him; he again decided not to use his intelligence which he obviously doesn’t have. Pir Shahab is perhaps the most inconsistent and unreliable hero. Not to mention his honeymoon with Maira where he seemed to having the time of the world, but suddenly took a 180 degree turn after the honeymoon was over and realized the looming danger which he somehow had forgotten for two days :P

2. Arham (Mujy Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai)

Arham is more of a crybaby than hero, whose only purpose is complaining, searching for a shoulder to cry on rather than face the situation manly. Instead of remedying and letting go the past issues he is needlessly obsessed with them. Other than that he most of the times seems bewildered without any knowledge about anything whatsoever with sole purpose of complaining, shouting and crying like a woman.

3. Aaliyan (Asmaano Pe Hai Likha)

Another hero who has deficiencies of strong resolve, will, his view-point, the courage to stick to his point of view and above all self-respect. The way Natasha treats him and his response “baby, baby listen” further deteriorates his image rather than portraying him as kind hearted and sympathetic. Even the sympathetic aspect of his personality hardly invokes feelings for him. He too lacks the essential ingredients of a hero be even a flawed one.

Azfal (Pyaare Afzal) is a flawed individual yet his characteristics define him as one of the most endearing heroes now days. He is not kindhearted, weak-willed, contradictory and effeminate (till now) like the above mentioned ones, yet inspite of his failings and shortcomings he incurs awwws and awes from viewers.

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