Unveiling The World Of Kalash Girls

Kalash people are practitioners of traditional Kalasha religion and have been living in Chitral for thousands of years. They are known for their closed society, unique traditions and festivals as well as caucasian features which have made them famous all over the world. People from all over the world come to visit the Kalash festivals and fall in love with the beauty of the Kalashi people.

Unveiling The World Of Kalash Girls

Many fake rumours and false stores are peddled by visitors and irresponsible media about the Kalash people and here are some of those myths busted and questions answered.

Unveiling The World Of Kalash Girls

Unveiling The World Of Kalash Girls

Unveiling The World Of Kalash Girls

What Is Their Religion?

Kalash people follow the traditional kalasha religion which according to historians is an ammalgamation of different religions but very different from traditional hinduism or ancestor worship.

The Kalash Girl Swayamvar Rumours:

No you cannot choose a Kalash girl for marriage as they have their own customs and can only marry their own people. So any rumour regarding that is just a rumour. And these girls cannot marry a Muslim man.

How Do Kalash Youngsters Fall In Love:

Youngsters do fall in love with each other mainly on festivals now and then tell their parents. The families get involved and a traditional wedding takes place.

Fake Rumours About Kalash Girls On Media And What Are The Runaway Brides:

The media also peddles rumours like Kalash girls are sold which is totally false as why would one sell off their own daughters. Plus the bride and grooms running away is also a traditional concept and people do not understand it rightly.

What Happens If A Kalash Girl Converts To Islam:

There have been cases when a Kalash girl converted to Islam for love but there is no going back for such women and no girl will be taken back in the tribe once she converted.

Source: Nimra Ali YouTube Channel

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