Veena Malik and husband sing together for Pakistan Day

Today is Pakistan Day and social media’s favorite couple have released a song together.

Yes, Veena Malik and husband Asad Bashir Khan have sung together.

Here’s the song they’ve released for March 23.

"Ye Tera Pakistan Hae" by Asad Bashir Khan Veena Malik Khan… 23rd March Pakistan Day song… !!!

Публикувахте от Veena Malik Khan в Сряда, 22 март 2017 г.

The song is titled ‘Ye Tera Pakistan Hae’.

Them singing together has come as a surprise because the couple’s divorce news has been surfacing on the internet since weeks.

On March 11, it was reported that Veena had filed a case for khula from Asad Bashir, citing lack of financial support and abuse as reasons for her desire for divorce.

However, now, it looks like that Pakistan Day has united them.