Veena Malik’s Jab at Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami Khan has been so far, seems to be in hot water as he was fined by Indian court for buying property in India as a Pakistani.He bought that property when he was residing in India as a Pakistani national.He was fined INR 5million.

Pakistani actress and TV show host Veena Malik took a jab at Adnan Sami on Twitter saying that,

“Another remarkable sacrifice in the line of duty! Respect Major #adnansami,” Veena wrote.

Also Amir Liaqat has tweeted,

“Dhobi ka kutta , Na ghar ka na ghat ka”
(An idiom that refers one to have lost his place)

Also all the Pakistani fans referred him sarcastically as a spy who is doing a great job in the line of duty as a Pakistani.

Here are tweets from Veena Malik and Amir Liaqat’s twitter.

Screenshot 20190920 033239

Screenshot 20190920 033121

Screenshot 20190920 032557

Screenshot 20190920 032311

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