Veteran actor Kader Khan’s health deteriorates

Senior actor and comedian, Kader Khan has been on a wheelchair since the past three years. He had also undergone a knee surgery.

Reportedly, Khan was rushed to the hospital after his health deteriorated after his knee-surgery.

It is also being reported that he has been taken to Canada where his elder son also lives. Shakti Kapoor has confirmed the news who happens to be a close friend of Kader Khan.

He is reported to have said:

“Yes, Kader Khan is now on a wheelchair. It’s so so sad to be talking about this and I am trying to reach him since the past few days, but I am not able to get his number. I hope to have it in the next 2-3 days,”

“Kader Khan’s elder son resides in Canada. So, he has gone there to avail medical facilities which can cure him. I think his wife is accompanying him”, added Kapoor.

We hope that Kader recovers soon!