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Waqar Zaka’s New Year Trip To Syria

Pakistan’s controversial television icon Waqar Zaka has been both loved and hated. The daredevil has always managed to be in the limelight and has done it this time again but in a different way. Waqar this time went to Syria and there are all praises for “Living on the Edge” celebrity for spending his New Year eve by helping out people of Aleppo, Syria. He went to Syria with a bunch of donations to help the people there.

My new Year's 2017 will be Syrian kids inshallah. FOR LIVE videos subscribe at

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Meet Hiba, living in Aleppo, Syria, who needs US 800 Dollars for her eye Surgery. Find out how we made her happy, watch and share this video link

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6 years old, Ali, constantly demanding for more dollars , he lost his father in Syrian conflict.

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Rimsha Butt

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