Waseem Badami Shares His Inspiring Hajj Journey

Waseem Badami is a famous Pakistani television host and news anchor who is famous for hosting 11th hour on Ary News, Har Lamha Purjosh and popular Ramzan transmission Shan-e-Ramzan. Waseem Badami is popular for his “Masoomana Sawalaat”. Waseem is considered as one of the top leading anchor of Pakistan. He has earned various awards for his achievements till date.

Lately, Waseem Badami was among those lucky people who got a chance to perform Hajj this year. Waseem Badami took to his official Instagram account to share the good news with his fans and followers. While sharing a picture in ehraam, Waseem wrote “سفرِ حج کا آغاز الحمدللہ (Commencement of Hajj journey Alhamdulillah)”.

Recently, Waseem Badami shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he shared his inspiring Hajj journey that how he got a chance to perform Hajj this year. “15 days ago, I had no idea that I’ll be able to perform Hajj this year. I had a wish in my mind but due to my laziness I thought that now the time has passed, It’s too late now. One day I went to ARY office a bit early and luckily I met Ashrafi Sahb in parking lot. He asked me that are you planning to perform Hajj this year? I told him that I really wanted to go but sadly it’s too late now, I’ll not be able to go. He was the one who asked me to try once”, said Waseem Badami.

Waseem further added that “I contacted the Hajj groups but none of them gave a positive response. One of them said me that there might be some cancellations in our group, if there will be one I’ll let you know. I wasn’t sure at all that what will happen but I applied my visa and booked a ticket as well. The flight was scheduled on Sunday afternoon and till Saturday evening I wasn’t sure because I didn’t receive my visa.”

“What happened was, I was recording my Eid show on Saturday with Bushra Ansari, Behroze Sabzwari and Javed Sheikh and before the recording I asked Behroze Sabzwari to pray that I may get my visa. The moment I finished the recording and checked my phone and the latest message I received was that I have finally got my visa and today I’m here Allhamdulillah”, added Waseem Badami.

Sara Imran

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