“We’ve taken a bit of a risk by not taking any Bollywood influences”, Faris Khalid on CTS

Faris Khalid is an actor who is coming in the much awaited movie of the year, Chalay Thay Saath. He recently gave an interview to Something Haute which we bring to you.

While talking about what he thinks of Bollywood, he said:

“I don’t have anything against Bollywood. For me, personally, it just doesn’t come to me naturally, the song and dance thing. I think it sort of detracts from the story, especially if its drama. And I prefer drama.”

While talking about how CTS has no Bollywood elements, he said:

“We’ve taken a bit of a risk by not taking any Bollywood influences. There’s no song and dance. We have tried to focus on characters and storyline. So that way the film is a little different. Perhaps we’re pushing the boundaries a little bit by challenging the norm but we’ve got so much faith in the film. It’s not one of those projects where we’re like ‘oh now we have to promote this because we’re obliged to it.’ All of us are genuinely backing this because we truly believe in it.”

The star also talked about his early career days and his theatre career as well:

“I started theatre years ago and then Blackfish took off in early 2000s. I did some TV as well but I always kept it on the side. I moved to Dubai, got a corporate job. Then Rahm happened in which I got to play a transvestite and I love character roles,” he shared. Khalid also explained how he landed a spot in CTS. “I used to do a cooking show back in the day and Umer Adil and Beenish (director and producer of CTS) produced and directed that show. So they contacted me to see if I was interested or not. It was a great script and I really liked it. Also, it’s great to work with people you respect.”

It seems like Faris is a huge fan of being humble:

“I think people should be grounded. People become celebrities, they become bankable names and that’s why people want them in their plays, films and TV projects but that shouldn’t be an indicator that they’re good at their craft. Being a celebrity detracts from focusing on your work. I hope it changes though.”

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