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What Has Faysal Qureshi Been Up To Lately? See Pictures & Read Details

Faysal Qureshi is being seen in many dramas nowadays. He is playing the lead role in drama serials Naraaz and Bheegi Palkein alongside Sarah Khan and Ushna Shah. There was a time when we were not getting to see enough of Faysal Qureshi in dramas because he was busy hosting his own Morning Show. After leaving the Morning Show the talented actor took up several projects and fans were happy to see their favorite actor back in dramas. Right now Faysal Qureshi is busy with his new project with Big Bang Entertainment in which he stars opposite Sajjal Ali. The title of the drama has not been revealed yet but we know that it has been directed by the famous and talented director Anjum Shehzad. Faysal Qureshi is one of those actors who have been seen in dramas for many years now but they still look young enough to work with new actresses like Ushna Shah, Sarah Khan and now Sajjal Ali. Nauman Ijaz, Faisal Rehman and Adnan Siddiqui are few other actors who has played the lead with some very young actresses.

Here are some pictures from Faysal Qureshi’s upcoming play with Sajjal and the director Anjum Shehzad. Faysal Qureshi and Anjum Shehzad also teamed up for the serial Rang Laga.


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Faysal Qureshi was also seen looking graceful and handsome in Fashion Pakistan Week in which he walked the ramp for Nauman Arfeen as showstopper along with his best friend Aijazz Aslam. Faysal Qureshi also was invited as a guest to Nadia Khan’s Morning Show with Aijaza Aslam. He was also there to say good bye to Fakhar-e-Alam before he left for a world tour. Here are some pictures from all these events.

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On the family front Faysal Qureshi has been busy celebrating his cute daughter Ayat’s 4th birthday. Faysal Qureshi is a family man who always finds time for his family in his busy schedule. Here are some pictures from Ayat’s birthday party in which Faysal Qureshi invited only his close friends.

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