What Is “Muhabbat” And “Ishq” For Rabia Butt

Rabia Butt as successful as she is in her professional life, has gone through so much in her personal life. She has gone through the tragedy of her mother’s death and losing a parent could be very devastating. It leads people to go in depression and addiction just to get rid of that pain. One’s inside is shattered so much that the person loses the will to live.

Moving on from the parent’s death is the most difficult thing a person could ever do. Most of the time people are unable to move past that tragedy, they just learn to live with the pain and suffering.

Rabia shared that after she lost her mother she came to know how much she loved her. She said that “Muhabbat” is when you love a person but “Ishq” is when you love the person that your lover loves. She says that since her mother’s death i.e. almost eight years, she has dedicated her whole life for the people her mother used to love; her father, her sisters. She said that she tries her level best to value every single wish of her sisters because she knows that, that’s what her mother would have wanted.


Who knew that Rabia, a very accomplished model with a peace and calm on her face and who manages to look stunning every single time is going through so much pain on the inside.