What We Miss About Ramzan:

The Father of Humanity:

The man who spent his whole life serving the nation. Edhi Sahab, the father of humanity left us a year ago and it’s really hard to believe that he will no longer be with us but what he has done for the nation shall remain forever. His efforts and deeds for humanity shall never be forgotten and will be guarded further on.

Qaseeda Burda shareef :

Momina Mustehsan comes up with yet another version of Qaseeda Burda Sharif and earns a fair amount of appreciation but nothing can replace the beauty of qaseeda burda shareef by Qari Khushi Muhammad. The beauty of children holding candles, the magic of the melodious voice, the soothing soft music had the charm of its own which somehow remains missing today.

Bhar Do jholi Meri Ya Elahi (the legendry voice):

The voice we miss the most, the voice with dazzling beauty, the voice of Amjad Sabri. Our sehri and aftari were spent listening to his qawalis and naat. His tragic and sudden death had us all shocked. Bhar do jholi, the most famous qawali would remind us of the melodious voice of Amjad Sabri.

 Junaid Jamshed:

The man famous for so many reasons. From “dill dill Pakistan” to “Elahi teri chaukhat pe”, the journey has been tremendously arduous, with the road filled with hurdles. Junaid Jamshed’s life has been an epitome of success and modesty. The singer-turned-scholar won the hearts of many with his magical voice and his knowledge. His tragic demise in a plane crash is something we just cannot get over and Shan-e Ramzan transmission will never be the same without him, I daresay.

The times when there were no Ramzan transmissions at all:

The times when there were no private jets flying around (be it in your dreams or for REAL), no Qmobile ki bikes and Firdous ki lawn. There were more prayers, more peace and more Ramzan-feels. With no transmission trying to gain more TRP, our fasting was way more peaceful than it is today.

The Baraat Series:

From Azher Ki Ayegi Baraat to Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat , the most awaited Baraats would leave us glued to our Televisions. Starting from the 1st of Ramzan and ending after/on Eid ul Fitar, the sitcom written by Vasay Chaudhry, would have us all anxiously waiting for it but it came to an end after the last season “Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat. This has left the fans wanting more, quite disappointed.

The Endless wait for moon-sighting announcement By Mufti Sahab:

Agree or not but we all miss the times when we would spend hours before the TV in order to hear Mufti Muneeb’s announcement regarding moon-sighting. The moments of curiosity were priceless. Although we find it highly convenient that now the announcements are made beforehand on news channels, we somehow also miss those moments of curiosity.

Ramzan will never be the same without all those we lost and WITH what we have. It remains a sad fact that those who are gone took a lot with them and those who remain have nothing to offer…

Maryam Suleman