Why Faysal Quraishi Didn’t Let His Daughter Hanish Work in Dramas

Hanish Qureshi is a super stunning and gorgeous star kid and a very successful realtor. She’s an amazing social media influencer too. Hanish is daughter of ace actor Faysal Quraishi who is one of the biggest Pakistani actors.

Why Faysal Quraishi Didn't Let His Daughter Hanish Work in Dramas

Why Faysal Quraishi Didn't Let His Daughter Hanish Work in Dramas

Recently, Hanish Qureshi has appeared in a chit chat session with Woke Capital. She opened up about getting various drama offers which she could not do. Talking about it Hanish Qureshi said, “I have teased my father a lot, you can say a lot to me about it, initially, when I was in college I had a lot of films and dramas offers but my father didn’t let me accept those offers, he was strict, he said, ‘over my dear body’, because he wanted me to be focused on education”. She further talked about pros and cons of being a Nepo kid. She says things are easily accessible to a Nepo kid. Talking about cons, she said that the Nepo kids are scrutinized all the time and then have a lot of pressures for no reasons.

She further talks about supporting her father through thick and thin. Talking about supporting Faysal Quraishi, Hanish Qureshi said, “recently, a propaganda was going on about my father which I checked, he didn’t say anything in his show, it was something that happened in his show which was negatively portrayed just to tarnish his image and I spoke in his favor, I would speak for him always, also, I have seen if you have the support of Allah Almighty, no one can harm you and there are many jelous people with the one who has seen a lot of success”

Why Faysal Quraishi Didn't Let His Daughter Hanish Work in Dramas


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