Why Imran Abbas Backed Out from “Baaghi”

Recenlty, Baaghi has been making the headlines everywhere. It deals with a very sensitive topic, after all. The pictures of Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch have been the talk of the town and we are all dying to see how she plays that character.

Saba Qamar will be starring opposite to Osman Khalid Butt in the lead role. But did you know, OKB’s role was first offered to Imran Abbas and the actor had declined it? In an interview to ‘pakistantoday’ the actor disclosed his reason to do so.

I’m really looking forward to it because it is based on a very sensitive yet strong topic and is directed by one of my favourite director Farooq Rind, penned down by Humaira Ahmed and my dearest friend Saba Qamar is in it.

Everything good so far, why decline the role then? Imran Abbas would’ve looked great with Saba Qamar after all…

As far as my character is concerned it was coming after half of the serial, that is why I was not really tempted by it.

That explains it! He wanted more screen-time.

I found that there was nothing really special for me as an actor to offer in it.

Did Imran just say that the role OKB has taken is one on the side-lines, with no real power and glory?

Any actor could’ve done a brilliant job, at times you’ve to take decisions wisely about your career. I want to improve and opt for the most challenging characters acting wise which has something unusual to offer, show my strength as an actor. if its just another usual character that doesn’t temp me then there is no point of doing it. Since I do only 2 projects a year for the people who wait for my appearance then I cannot waste myself for just another role because I look forward to such characters which are designed for me specially or fits me.

It’s impressive how much thought he puts to the roles he takes because at the end of the day, these roles are what make and break the careers of artists. We wonder why OKB didn’t think the same…

I wish the whole team of Baaghi all the very best

Yeah, he clearly wants no bad blood.

Arsala Khalid

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