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Why So Jealous?


Jealousy; an emotion which people often feel towards others seeing them having a thing which they desire of. Jealousy to me is more like a depiction of a weaker soul & is such an emotion which is practiced by those who lack confidence in themselves & often tend to see themselves through other’s perspectives. I say, it’s not a normal thing to feel jealous but the way people overrate it on a social media especially when they see others endorsing a different opinion is something they need to snap out of. Lately people straight away label others as jealous, which to me is more like a portrayal of a limited exposure in life.

As much as I’ve come across, people think if you’re not impressed by a female actresses’ gori rangat, you’re jalouse. If you’re not a fan of the most famous actor, you’re jalouse. If you don’t think a fair actress can pull of a red pout, you’re definitely jalouse. If you’re not impressed by how flexibly the girl grooves on a song, you’re jalouse. If you don’t seem to be an awe of how good looking or beautiful a celebrity is, you’re jalouse for sure. I state these examples to make my point because this is what I’ve seen more like a prevailing trend these days where people just come & declare their verdict without even knowing a thing or two about others & what’s more cringe-worthy is that those who seem to be obsessed with this word for starters don’t even pay much attention to the spellings of the word *jealousy* too.

Sadly, it seems like a modern day worship to me, where people just can’t fathom the fact that people might not share similar feelings regarding the celebrities as they do, therefore they resort to the J word with finality & they don’t seem to budge after that & what saddens me the most is that people tend to start a fight with those they interact with, that too for those who don’t even have an idea of their existence.

My point here is that the way people idealize & in fact idolize these celebrities is alarming because when they don’t see others doing the same, they find them either insane or abnormal because they just can’t see the other side of the picture where such people do exist who just tune to the media for the sake of entertainment & not to use it as a guideline in their lives. There are people who aren’t really bothered about how gori an actress or how sohna the munda is. There are such people who don’t really follow these celebrities to get inspired from & are actually blessed with a lot of self-confidence which doesn’t let them get swayed by seeing a few touched-up faces on a TV. There are a million people out there who have different mindsets or let’s say different standards to reckon a beauty which definitely could be heaps different to someone else’s but the way people bring in the element of jealousy in between the debate & declare others are jealous of their IDOL is absolutely a showcasing of misapprehended mentality. I think it’s about time that all such fans wake up & smell the coffee that those who don’t drool over these celebrities aren’t actually jealous but are past that stage in their lives where now they wouldn’t worship these famous personalities & to them, these actors & actresses are just normal people who’re doing their job of appearing on the TV.

Lately, I have seen people have grown intolerant towards other’s point of views no matter how politely they’re being discussed & when they don’t have a thing to contribute to the discussion, they label them as a bunch of jealous people, which really seems inappropriate. I think, it’s about time that people learn to respect the different opinions of people & stop labelling them as jealous because trust me, there’s more to life than being jealous of the celebrities. :)

Share your thoughts on this please & let me know how many times have you been labeled as jalouse because oh boy! I am defo jalouse, lol. ;)
*I’m winking*

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.