Will Muslim-Hindu Love story work with Pakistani audience? Watch the Trailer.

Muslim-Hindu love stories are a very sensitive matter to deal with. Usually the audience is never comfortable with such ideas. The religious and cultural differences put such stories at risk. Sam goes for the writer Hamza Bangash who is trying to fund his short film Rang Raaz. Hamza is unable to get funding for his film, all that he is getting is a refusal.


Hamza shared, “We had approached some pretty prominent people in Pakistan who had vested interests in having a story about minorities told. “He added, “But they all refused, saying the subject of an interfaith marriage is too controversial. I was shocked. Here were people who had prospered, people who were well-connected, but still too scared to make a political statement. They said it’s a threat to their life and their family’s life.”


Hamza also told that on the other hand there are also supporters to the project, like Deepak Parwani. Up till now Hamza himself has funded the project Rang Raaz but now need funding for its post-production.

The short film Rang Raaz is about a young couple, where the man is a Hindu and woman is a Muslim decide to elope. But soon all the things turn upside down and against them.

According to Hamza they have received very negative feedback on their Facebook page But Hamza justifies his case by saying that ‘Who are you to dictate what our culture is?’ If Jinnah, who founded our nation, believed in cultural pluralism, then who is anyone else to say otherwise?”


The film itself is inspired by the much delayed passing of the Hindu Marriage Bill.

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Hamza hopes and believes that by independently funding his movie he will be able to change mind-sets of few at least. H believes that no matter Bollywood make good movies but we need to talk about our social issue and recognize out own identity.

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Watch the Trailer:

source: Dawn news