Women Dancing in a mob generates idea of WomenEmpowerment or Degradation?

Seriously? What are we heading to? One of the latest brands of clothing which tried to be different from the rest “Do Your Own Thing”, DYOT asked two NCA students to choreograph a group of five girls to dance in a mob at Lahore’s streets.

The video is of almost two minutes in which a girl gets off from a rickshaw , she is dressed up in a modern outfit. Few men stare her and later one guy says MashALLAH to her. She then takes off her Chaddar and starts dancing. Later a group of other 4 girls also join her.

check the video


This video not only to me but to majority seems a wrong idea of portraying feminism, women empowerment , individuality etc. Rather it shows how weak our value system is becoming. Is dancing in a mob “do your own thing ” for women these days?

According to manager of DYOT “Our brand is about customization. Our customers can change our designs to suit them, which hasn’t been done before in Pakistan,”

He adds, “We are a small brand, we can’t afford billboards so we wanted to make a viral video. We watched a lot of videos to get inspiration and [finally] reached out to to students from NCA, Saad and Ikram, to help us. Saad managed the choreography and Ikram was the DOP. We shot the film in Anarkali in Lahore, which is next to NCA.”

DYOT is not getting a positive feed back on this innovative way of marketing there brand.

Do let us know what do you think about this video.