Women exclusive taxis are launching in Karachi

Today is International woman’s day and Pakistani women have something special in store for it today.

Yes, it is in fact true that women exclusive taxis are being launched in Karachi today.

The service is called “paxi”, it is by women and for women.

The Paxi Pakistan Company will have taxis which will only cater to female passengers and they will also be driven by women. The purpose behind this service is to make women feel safe while taking a cab. Women are faced with several issues while opting for public transport hence this aims to lessen their problems.

Sheikh Mohammad Zahid, Paxi Pakistan’s CEO told that they are starting with 10 drivers, referred to as pilots and the service will expand to Lahore and Islamabad in the next three to four months and eventually will be followed by other parts of the country.

“Our pilots are housewives, young women, students, too,” he said.

The formal launch date is 23rd March, however, an orientation ceremony for the pink taxi and for the pilots is to be at the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides’ Headquarters here on Wednesday.