Yasir Hussain Urges People To Save Water & Help

The earth will soon be in a water crisis. Perhaps we’ll have to pine and suffer for every drop if we don’t understand the importance of conserving water right away.

Spreading the same awareness for water conservation and its importance, actor, writer and host Yasir Hussain recently joined hands with an NGO and is raising awareness about saving water and launching initiatives in regions like Tharparkar.

Taking to his Instagram, Yasir penned down how people in Tharparkar had been living without water, losing their lives in the process of getting water for their families.

“This woman’s sister was 8 months pregnant and fell down while fetching water from 2kms away and died,” wrote Yasir on his Instagram.

Adding further, the Shaadi Mubarak star added, “We live in the same world as these people. We open taps and forget to turn them off meanwhile these people here pine for a single drop of water. Save water and help.”

It is good to see our responsible celebrities using their social media reach and putting it to a greater cause. Raising awareness about conserving water, especially in times like this where every drop has become precious, is very necessary. Kudos to Yasir for investing his time and influence in such a noble cause.

ifrah salman

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