Yumna Zaidi’s Father Passed Away

Yumna Zaidi is one of the most talented young actresses of Pakistani drama industry. When everyone was busy enjoying the festivities of Eid, Yumna Zaidi unfortunately had to mourn the death of her wonderful father who had always been there by her side. The loss of a parent is an unbearable one for anyone at all therefore it isn’t easy announcing such a sad news on social media. Yumna Zaidi mustered up the courage to do so 5 days after her father passed away. The fans were both shocked and saddened by this tragic news and prayed for Yumna Zaidi and her deceased father. Yumna Zaidi shared her grief with her fans and followers through an instagram post. She also requested her fans and followers to recite Surah Fateha for him. She also shared how heartbroken she was and how much she missed her father. Yumna Zaidi also posted a heartwarming picture of her with her father.



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