Zaid AliT Speaks Up About Our Society’s Double Standards

There is always a heated debate in our society about the double standards that we have. We are all aware of them and criticise others for having them but no effort is ever made to eradicate them from our own lives.This time Zaid AliT tweets about them.

In the first one, he shares how he sees that we have gender inequality amongst us. The same things are allowed, even appreciated in men but if women try to take the initiative and think outside the box in any foeld, she is immediately scorned upon particularly in the name of Islam.

Zaid AliT Speaks Up About Our Society's Double Standards

In the next one, he puts light to the common fact that we as a society are very critical and taunting of other people, while never realising our own faults. Everyone rushes to make fun of someone else especially if they are doing something a little different from the regular societal norms. He shares how he was ridiculed for adopting a female attire for his videos and how he managed to turn the tables around.

Zaid AliT Speaks Up About Our Society's Double Standards

It is about time someone with the power of something as influential as YouTube reached out to the masses and pointed out our hypocritical approach. The feminist stance especially, coming from a Pakistani man is vey unusual and very welcome.

Mehwish Mansoor